Backing a proud past and a promising future

Backing a proud past and a promising future

12 May 2016

Unite the union sends large delegation to fifth Scottish TUC LGBT conference

A large delegation from Unite the union’s regional LGBT committee is due to attend the fifth Scottish TUC LGBT conference being held at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Clydebank on 14-15 May. 

With the theme ‘Proud Past, Promising Future’ the donference will bring together LGBT union activists from across the range of STUC affiliates to debate a wide range of motions covering subjects ranging from LGBT equality at work, and promotion of an inclusive Scotland to international LGBT rights.

Unite has submitted important motions calling for gender neutral options on official documents such as passports and drawing attention to unacceptable waiting times for gender identity clinics and looks forward to debating these with trade union colleagues from all over Scotland. 

This is the first STUC Conference attended by the recently elected regional LGBT committee with its new lay officials Stewart Wakelam-Munro (chair) and Jane Christie-Flight (vice chair).