TARGET REACHED - DMA Banner: Request for financial support for Durham Unite Community / Durham Miners' Association banner

12 May 2014

Unite Community - DMA banner

Update - 'We're delighted to announce that thanks to the extraordinary generousity of branches and members, that we have now reached our fundraising target for the banner.

Our banner will now take pride of place at this years Durham Miners' Gala.' - Joe Rollin 

Special thanks to the following branches for their donations.

NAG - NEYH ( NE/401/14 )

Hartlepool Geographical Branch ( NE/GEO/17 )

Co Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust ( NE/408/32 )

Scarborough & East Coast Retired Members Branch ( NE/999/2 )

North East Mears (Sedgefield) Branch ( NE/407/22 )

Durham Geographical Branch ( NE/GEO/29 )

Wirral TUC

Leeds Geographical Branch (CHECK SECTOR) ( NE/GEO/11 )

Northern Powergrid ( NE/204/5 )

Bradford - CYW & Not for Profit Sectoral Branch ( NE/403/10 )

Hull Geographical Branch ( NE/GEO/25 )

Scunthorpe Steelworks Branch ( NE/205/3 )

SGI Sector - Sunderland Geographical Area ( NE/405/28 )

Nottinghamshire Retired Members ( EM/NGRM )

Middlesbrough & Stockton - RTC Sectoral ( NE/300/24 )

Birtley NE/0106 Branch

Cleveland Potash ( NE/405/29 )

Peterlee Area Geographical Branch ( NE/GEO/18 )

Castleford 2 ( NE/0207 )

Sheffield 2 ( NE/0824 )

South of Tyne and Wear Health Branch ( NE/408/25 )

Newcastle Area Retired Members Branch ( NE/999/4 )

Plaxton ( NE/200/5 )

Wirral ( NW/9515M )

Tyneside Safety Glass ( NE/202/68 )

2014 sees the 30th anniversary of the year-long National Miners’ Strike which changed and affected the working lives of thousands of people.  In support of those affected by the Strike and to ensure future generations remember, we have commissioned a new banner to be made for the Durham Unite Community Centre.

It will be unveiled  at the Durham Miners’ Association Headquarters, Redhills, Durham on Thursday, 10 July, 2014, at the premier of our play "were not going back"

Davy Hopper, general secretary of the Durham Miners’ Association said: “This banner will mark the 30th anniversary of our national strike - a strike which saw Thatcher try to rip the hearts out of our communities. Unfortunately for the Tories we are still here and still fighting -  this banner will reflect that"

Barbara Jackson Unite community member, Sheffield Women Against Pit Closures & secretary to Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign said: “The women were the heart and soul of the strike.  Without the women
the strike would not have lasted a year.  You can’t kill the spirit so we are not defeated.”

Joe Rollin
Unite community coordinator
Unite regional office
55 Call Lane
Leeds LS1 7BW

Tel 07711 375536

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Unite Community - DMA banner