NEYH Young trade unionists' Cuban brigade

This event is a unique opportunity for young members from our region to participate in practical solidarity work and discover the reality of life for Cubans living under the illegal US blockade of their country.  To qualify to attend, members should be aged 27 and under at the time of the Brigade.

During the 12 day brigade participants will:
- Attend the spectacular May Day Rally in Plaza de la Revolución, Havana
- Meet the CTC (Cuban TUC) and solidarity activists from around the world
- Gain valuable insight into the achievements of the Cuban Revolution and contemporary Cuban society
- Examine the challenges facing the island and witness first-hand the problems caused by the US blockade
- Meet and discuss current issues with Cuban workers with visits to hospitals, schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods
- Contribute to the agricultural and productive development of the country through voluntary work sessions
- Visit the Che Guevara Memorial in Santa Clara, plus other political and cultural sites.

Brigades have run for a number of years and have involved Unite delegates from the NEY&H Region .

Over the previous years over 260 young trade unionists have taken part in our May Day Brigade. Many have gone on to become increasingly active within their trade union and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.