Red Ladder

Red Ladder Theatre Company was founded in 1968 in London, rooted in the radical socialist theatre movement known as agitprop.  It moved up to Leeds in the 1970s and has established itself as one of Britain's leading national touring companies, dedicated to producing high quality work which contributes to social change and global justice.  It is a champion of new writing, particularly that which challenges or agitates, and is committed to bringing theatre to non-theatre venues, to engaging the unengaged and to giving a voice to those which remain unheard.

Red Ladder aim to make theatre which is accessible and entertaining.  Often performed in non-traditional environments, Red Ladder take exceptional writing and high quality productions into working mens' clubs, social clubs, miners' welfare halls as well as main house and studio theatres.

Red Ladder's theatre is about people having an enjoyable experience and interacting with an art form that they may not be familiar with, or in a setting which is not usually associated with theatre.  They have worked with acclaimed writers such as Alice Nutter, David Peace, Emma Adams, Nick Ahad and Boff Whalley covering a range of topics ranging from 19th century music halls (Big Society) via the Luddites (Riot, Rebellion and Bloody Insurrection) to the suffragette movement (Wrong 'Un) and from psychopathic office and prison environments (The Thing About Pyschopaths) through dementia and teenage suicide (Forgotten Things).