Community membership

John CoanUnite Community membership is going from strength to strength within our region.  We now have 11 Unite Community branches and offer advice on benefits and support on numerous campaigns in our community centres.  As a Community member you have access to professional advice and training and the support networks of Britain’s largest trade union. 

We believe organising and activism are at the centre of strong communities, which is why Unite’s Community membership provides a way people can develop and use their political voice. Whether it is taking a stand against a service closure or coming together to protect the environment, as a Community member, Unite will be on your side. 

These are seriously hard times for many people within our region. Unemployed workers, people with disabilities and students are on the front line of this government’s ideologically driven austerity programme. Unite Community membership gives people not in waged work the chance to organise collectively and stand up to these attacks on our communities. 

Unite Community is our way of bringing people across society into the trade union movement and of combatting the divisive narrative that seeks to set working class people against one another. Unite Community members work closely with our industrial sector and have been instrumental in many successful industrial campaigns over recent years. We also work alongside scores of community campaigns on everything from defending social housing to opposing fracking. 

We campaign locally on issues such as preserving libraries and combatting loan sharks and nationally against benefit sanctions and in support of workers at Sports Direct and in many other workplaces.  Join us today and become a part of the fight for a more equal and just society. 

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