Visteon workers defend their contracts

Visteon workers defend their contracts

09 January 2014

A group of Unite members at Visteon Engineering Services is taking action to bring the company back into negotiations to seal a long-overdue annual deal.

“The company refused to continue talking at the end of November. Our members voted to work to rule because they felt in danger of being forced to work 10-hour days,” said Colin Brown, lead rep for Unite at Visteon in Chelmsford.

“Visteon refused to negotiate on the key issue for months while our members worked normally. Management is still refusing to negotiate but now they say it’s because our members are taking industrial action,” he said.

The sticking point is the workers’ contractual entitlement to overtime and travel time payments on weekdays. Travel time is important since workers at the high-tech vehicle parts company often travel to suppliers, customers and Visteon plants around the world. “We offered to talk about flexible working, time-off-in-lieu or a buy-out, but the company refused,” said Brown.   

Visteon stopped paying weekday overtime or travel time some four years ago. Workers have felt able to refuse to do additional hours without fear of comebacks because payment is written into their contracts.

“We will suspend the action if that helps talks go ahead,” said Colin Brown. “The work-to-rule is only happening because the company is trying to dictate terms.” The dispute, which affects 32 Unite members, is over an annual agreement which should have come into effect last June.

For further information, contact Unite officer, Jo Jaques