Veolia Bucks the Trend

Veolia bucks the trend

08 March 2013

At a time when most local authorities are looking to cut back on trade union facility time and facilities it is pleasing to report that Veolia Environmental Services, contracting for the London Borough of Haringey, has invested over £8,000 in refurbishing a disused set of offices into a trade union office, Lifelong Learning room and general mess room for staff  - all fully equipped.

The company has also agreed to purchase 10 refurbished computers and provide vending facilities.

Paul Travers, Unite regional officer, said: "It is extremely pleasing that an idea put forward by the union has been taken seriously by Veolia ES and that the company has not only supported it but has also shown real commitment to their workforce.

"The learning room and union office are due to be opened very soon and, with the five new union learning reps and support from the Lifelong Learning team, we can only see a bright future for it."

The company has agreed to support all the ULRs through training. With the support of the local stewards there are now eight activists on site, cementing Unite as the union that cares and puts our members first.