Update on Tfl pay negotiations

Update on Tfl pay negotiations

09 January 2015

Trade union reps have met with management on Thursday 8 January and issued the following statement. 

This morning your trades union reps met with TfL management to continue talks about a pay settlement for the 2013/14 financial year. 

Management continue to cite budgetary pressures as a justification for their refusal to consider offering a consolidated pay increase. 

To be clear, what management are proposing amounts to a real-terms pay cut for hardworking TfL staff when the current rate of inflation is taken into consideration. 

Concessions secured
Management declined to consider any of the improvements to current staff travel facilities and non-monetary benefits that we suggested at our meeting in December 2014. 

However, they have confirmed that the 75 per cent season ticket reimbursement scheme will be retained during this financial year. 

They have also conceded that their (admittedly tiny) proposed pay ‘offer’ would be available to pay band 1 staff who are at spine point 14. 

Next steps
Your trades union reps have invited TfL to open the books and be more transparent in their disclosure of financial information, and then to enter ‘without prejudice’ discussions about pay and other benefits including staff travel facilities and annual leave entitlements.

It is our view that by looking at the wider context, jointly identifying savings and/or generating additional revenue, we may be able to agree a more reasonable settlement on these matters. We have urged TfL to progress this in a timely manner, so that meaningful discussions can take place. 

We will keep you informed as negotiations progress. 

Please feel free to share this information with your workplace colleagues. 

Published 8 January 2015 by the Company Council Reps of the Joint TfL Trades.