Update: London Underground Dispute

Update: London Underground Dispute

22 May 2015

Unite are in dispute with London Underground (LUL) over pay and night tube and will be balloting all our members in LUL over taking industrial action.

We are also liaising closely with ASLEF, RMT & TSSA to ensure a coordinated response to the miserable LUL offer on pay and night tube payments.

After a number of meetings with the LUL, the employer had moved their initial pay offer of 0.5% for 2015 and RPI for 2016/2017 conditional on acceptance of an all-night service on Friday and Saturday nights for which a one off non-consolidated payment of £500 was offered to 0.75% and an additional £250 conditional payment. None of these offers are acceptable.

LUL also wrote to the trade unions  on May 15th saying they intended to commence local consultation on implementing revised rosters – a precursor to  eventual imposition. The main impact of these proposals is to move the relevant staff from a Monday - Friday roster to a Sunday - Thursday one.

At a meeting of all Unite industrial relations activists on May 19th it was the overwhelming view whilst we have no objection to night tube running no amount of money would persuade us to abandon or move from the existing working arrangements and patterns and associated agreements.

RMT and Unite will also conduct a separate ballot in Fleet over a separate dispute over contract labour being used for training.

Hugh Roberts Unite Officer said:

"It is clear LUL are being driven by their new political masters to engineer a confrontation with the TU’s and so be it. If they want a fight we intend to give them it.  We also intend to defend our agreements"

Furthermore each TU has committed to refuse to discuss further at any functional level any matter to do with night tube and that we would only discuss this at company council level and perhaps ACAS when appropriate to do so and on our terms.

Further reports will follow and details of the industrial action ballot.

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