Cab drivers to demonstrate against Uber app on 11 June

Cab drivers to demonstrate against Uber app on 11 June in Trafalgar Square

09 June 2014

The arrival of Uber on London’s streets has exposed Boris Johnson’s natural political instincts to side with wealthy powerful multi-national corporations reports Jim Kelly, Chair of the London and Eastern region and a London cab driver. 

The taxi trade demonstration has been organised to highlight Boris', The Mayor and Chair of TfL Board, capitulation to Uber, a company based in the USA and controlled by Google and Goldman Sachs. 

Uber has one aim, to deregulate taxi markets around the globe and now it has London in its crosshairs. It has a reported $1 billion war chest, which can be deployed to undermine existing taxi regulation. The end game of this strategy is Uber’s stated aim, a deregulated taxi & private hire market. This will lead to the loss of all safety gains for the travelling public since the 1998 London Private Hire Vehicles Act. Uber is the very thin end of a very thick wedge. 

Jim Kelly stated "Boris needs to stop capitulating to the wealthy and powerful. He needs to find some 'bulldog spirit'. Uber must be stopped from leading a race to the bottom which we believe will undermine existing safeguards for the travelling public. 

Why is Boris failing to ensure that Uber publically disclose their UK tax liabilities? Are they paying UK corporation tax? Boris should force Uber to come clean. Uber cheaper than taxis and private hire? Not with rain, snow, disruption or traffic congestion- welcome to Uber surge pricing!"