Unite to give evidence to Commons Select Committee on ...

Unite to give evidence to Commons Select Committee on Rail Safety

28 November 2016

On Monday 28 November 2016, Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster at 4.50pm Unite & other Rail Trade Unions will give evidence to the Transport Committee arguing that:

•    Further action should be taken to improve safety at level crossings.
•    Better funding is provided to prevent crime on the railways. Network Rail should remain the single entity empowered to manage and standardise repairs and maintenance across the railway network.
•    The railway industry is re-nationalised.
•    Security in the Channel Tunnel is improved.
•    Resources are provided to the health and safety enforcement bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive and Office of Rail and Road to enforce health and safety.
•    legislation which requires prevention of exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions.
•    Steps are taken to examine and take action in relation to the safety implications of increased utilisation of the track.
•    In relation to near misses there are back up systems including a driver on board with relevant experience.
•    The presence of a guard on board every train and a dedicated platform manager is essential to help ensure that all passengers and luggage board and disembark safely.
•    Improved protection is put in place on station platforms to prevent passengers falling
•    More resources are provided to prevent trespass on the railway network.
•    In the interests of railway workers’ health, safety and welfare and general public health urgent action is taken to make improvements to trackside welfare facilities for workers and phase out trains without storage systems for sewage - and the necessary funding is provided.

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