Unite roadshow hits United Parcel Service in Luton and...

Unite roadshow hits United Parcel Service in Luton and then names and shames UPS to the public.

10 September 2014

Unite members picketed UPS in Luton on 27 August.

Unite has been fighting a long campaign over issues in UPS and is in anticipation of a national strike ballot of workers at the UK’s largest parcel firm. The union will be balloting all its members and workers at UPS during September and October this year.

United Parcel Service is registered in the USA and has 53 depots within its Mainland UK Operations employing thousands of workers.

In the USA and indeed worldwide, UPS has a Mutli-Billion dollar turn over with an international presence that sees the company deliver more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers.

More locally, in London and Eastern Region, we have a number of depots, Luton, Watford, Barking, Dartford, Norwich, Chelmsford, Feltham, Camden, and Croydon depot, along with Bury St Edmunds.  

In the Luton UPS depot in Cosgrove Way, there are over 85 workers. The union has local representation and a good presence there.

On the 27th August Unite handed out leaflets on the gate, informing the workers of the good news that we must over turn the neglect they have experienced and ballot more widely across the UK.

Alan Sutherland, regional officer, vowed:

  • We will achieve a contractual finish time so that workers will not be forced into daily overtime without the opportunity to have a life planned like others can.
  • That we will challenge institutional bullying used by managers to achieve back breaking work targets.
  • That Unite the Union is determined that black and ethnic workers will be entitled to equal opportunities, and dignified treatment at work.

Alan Sutherland also reported on the demonstration that “Ultimately Unites’ message chimes well with workers who recognise only too well that something must be done to improve their working life and are prepared to take action to have that happen.

Following our picket on site, we took our message to the public in Luton. A town that understands what a hard days work should be and not what it is in UPS. 

The public were very supportive and we spread the message to a few hundred of the residents in the Town Centre. A number of which said that they would message the company on the number we gave them to voice their objection about UPS treatment of its workers.”