Unite reps discuss the impact of Trade Union Bill and ...

Unite reps discuss the impact of Trade Union bill and changes to check-off

09 March 2016

Monday 7th March saw the launch of London & Eastern Regions campaign to counter the effects of the Trade Union Bill. 

Over 80 shop stewards from 42 public sector branches were joined by Unite organisers and officers to discuss the impact of this anti-union legislation. The Trade Union Bill will ban check off and further restrict our unions in the public sector.

Regional Secretary Pete Kavanagh spoke about the obvious link between ongoing Government attacks on services and jobs in the public sector and a bill that is designed to weaken our unions. Shop stewards spoke about campaigns in their own workplaces that had involved workers in collective activity to win change and how this had encouraged other workers to join, and members to realise the value of union membership. Speakers in the opening session agreed that organising around issues in the workplace would demonstrate to members and unorganised workers that staying in or joining the union was the only way to have an effective voice at work. 

The afternoon was used to draw together workplace plans that will increase Unite activity and profile, stewards worked with organisers to draw up a detailed plan of action for every workplace for members to switch to direct debit before check off stops. 

Despite the attacks in the Trade Union bill the conference showed the determination to build the membership and increase the strength of Unite in our workplaces. 

Is your branch planning for the switch? If not contact or call on 020 8800 4281.