Unite rejects London Underground pay offer

Unite rejects London Underground pay offer

10 December 2015

Unite London Underground reps met today and unanimously rejected an offer of a four year pay deal from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2019 cosisting of:

Year 1 - An average 2%, made up of 1% plus a flat rate £500 consolidated increase on basic salaries recognising the introduction of Night Tube

Year 2 - RPI or 1% whichever is greater

Year 3 - RPI or 1% whichever is greater

Year 4 - RPI +0.25%

Unite rejected the offer because

1) Apart from the less than generous offer of a 4th year of (RPI + 0.25%) there is no new money on offer and our members have already rejected what was on offer in the first 3 years through industrial action.

2) The offer remains below the going rate for pay settlements in the rail sector in the South of England, which ranges between 2.5 - 3% on across the board base pay and without any recourse to referring to increases in average pay. 

We will not countenance our pay relativities being undercut only to find in 4 years time if pay settlements outstripped RPI that our members have gone backwards. It's also worth reflecting that the level of RPI published  bears no relationship to the real cost of living increases in London and the South East.  

3) It remains unclear to Unite what unknown flexibilities LUL think they are buying from the £500 consolidated amount.

4) Much of members compendium claim submitted over a year ago remains unaddressed.

Unite Regional Officer, Hugh Roberts, said "So sadly in LUL we reach the end of another dismal year no closer to resolving pay directly as a result of the Scrooge like approach of LUL but  we remain as always available to negotiate the "Merry" back into Xmas."