Unite nominee to the London Regional Board

Unite nominee to the London Regional Board

17 October 2016

I’m Lucio and I’m a member of Vauxhall CLP. I live in a rented flat in Kennington with my partner Baylen. I’m a train driver, Chair of ASLEF Paddington Branch and a local rep. I joined the Labour Party aged 16 the day after we lost the 1992 General Election. 

I’m standing for the London Regional Board because I want to empower members to create a vibrant, campaigning party in London. We have hundreds of thousands of new members who joined our party because (like the existing membership) they want to change the world. We need to use their energy and enthusiasm to help them achieve their ambitions. Voter ID canvassing is important for getting votes out on election day but to
win over new voters we need to inspire the communities we seek to represent. Our members are the key to this. 

I’m proud to be part of the Labour Left / Trade Union slate for the London Regional Board. I hope you can support my campaign to become the LGBT Officer. 

Coming out under the cloud of section 28, with the threat of a virus that was killing our community and the indifference of a Government that hated us, our movement fought for change. Our ideas and optimism destroyed the hatred we faced then. Once again today, we can win the battle of ideas and form the society we want to see if we have the confidence to be optimistic. 

We need to organise to tackle the housing crisis in the capital. As a renter, I’ve had to stomach an 11% increase in rent in the last year and I’m not alone. The excesses of the property market are also having a
devastating impact on our cultural heritage. It is estimated that 25% of LGBT venues in London have closed in the last 6 years. It’s not just gay venues that are threatened but pubs, clubs, cinemas, theatres, music venues and small businesses are all being priced out by profiteers who see no value in community. 

The Tories are using the Brexit vote to blame migrants for the devastating effects of austerity. There has been a 42% surge in racist attacks since the vote and homophobic hate crimes have risen 147%. I believe the London Labour Party must be the vanguard in the fightback against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. We need to challenge the rise in jingoistic nationalism with a vision of Britain that is inclusive and founded on fairness, co-operation and solidarity. 

Please nominate me at your CLP meeting for LGBT Officer.
Your CLP must make their nomination by 28th October.

If you have any questions please call or email me on 07941 944649 and you can follow me on twitter @thisislucio