Unite members make bank pay up

Unite members make bank pay up

19 December 2013

With their annual bonus months overdue, Unite members encouraged the State Bank of India to honour their debt by taking a step towards industrial action.

"Our members at the State Bank of India have demonstrated that if you fight for what's due to you, you get paid, if you don't, you wait,” said Unite London & Eastern regional secretary, Peter Kavanagh.  

“Only Unite organising in the international banks in the UK and the City of London has the muscle to make this happen."
Unite’s stewards at the Bank had been locked in negotiations over the bonus - despite the Bank being awash with cash and profits. Workers demanded a ballot on industrial action in response to the Bank’s foot-dragging. Within hours, management capitulated and paid up.

"Thank you, Unite - I shall be using this as an advert to recruit new members," said Taploe Johnson, Unite convenor at the Bank.

The union’s membership covers all ten UK branches of the Bank in London, the Midlands and Manchester. Unite has 150,000 members in financial services.

For more information, contact Unite officer Hugh Roberts