Unite members in Thurrock Council take selective indus...

Unite members in Thurrock council take selective industrial action in support of the National Pay Campaign

24 September 2014

Unite members in Thurrock Council have taken selective industrial action in support of the National Pay Campaign.

Thurrock Council Refuse and Recycling Operatives in Unite have been involved in selective industrial action, that being, work to rule 18th, 19th and 22nd September and a 2 hour strike on the morning of the 19th September.

This action was in response to no improved offer being made to the 1% which has been rejected by the joint Trade Unions (Unite, Unison and GMB) nationally.

The strike was supported 100% with no refuse vehicles leaving the depot until after the 9am (start time following the 2 hour stoppage), the few GMB and Unison members at the site walked out of the depot as they refused to cross the picket line to do work.

Bacon rolls were on hand to keep the pickets fuelled and one member, who was trained as a masseuse, offered massages whilst they protested. The picket was good humoured and at the end the Reps and Regional Officer shook the hands of the pickets as they walked back into work behind Unite flags.

“I am extremely proud of our members here in Thurrock” said Paul Travers, regional officer, “on the 10th July they stood firm in the fight for fair pay and over these 3 days they have shown such fight and solidarity, we know this action will have an effect.”

Christopher Merchant, branch secretary, said “ If Thurrock Council believe that our members are not up for a fight over pay then they have just got a wakeup call and for their sakes I hope they listen, the effect of this action will last for a few weeks and by then the 14th October strike will be upon us.”

Thurrock picket