Unite members and staff march against EDL in Peterborough

Unite members and staff march against EDL in Peterborough

01 April 2014

On Saturday 29 March, Unite staff and members, alongside other trade unions and members of the public, took part in the Peterborough TUC march and rally against an EDL march in the city.

Peterborough trade unionists were joined by members of Cambridge, King’s Lynn and Stevenage TUCs.  Local media estimated 150 TUC marchers took part in the demonstration to show the EDL were not welcome in Peterborough.

Peter Kavanagh, regional secretary, said “Once again, Unite members and staff were in the forefront of the stand against those who attempt to whip up racial hatred in our communities. Peterborough trade unionists and anti-fascists took to the streets in this multi ethnic city to make clear to the EDL that wherever they surface to spread their poison, they will be met with resistance from those of us who believe in unity and equality, not division. I would like to thank all those local Unite activists who took to the streets – Well done Peterborough!”