Unite LE region supports demonstration in Dalston over...

Unite LE region supports demonstration in Dalston over the tragic deaths of factory workers in Bangladesh

21 May 2014

In 2013 the world was shocked when a huge fire broke out in a garment factory in Bangladesh, killing hundreds. The event focused the worlds attention on the appaling conditions of garment workers who supply cheap clothing to multi-national corporations. However, after the global outcry has subsided the families of those killed are still fighting for compensation. 

On 24 May at 1pm 'Labour Behind the Label' will be holding an action outside Matalan in Kingsland Shopping Centre, Dalston, E8 2LX to try to put pressure on the companies resonsible to pay compensation to the families of those who died.

Peter Kavanagh, LE regional secretary, said 'We are committed to supporting solidarity actions to demand that major retailers here in the UK pay up adequate compensation to those who lost family members.'