Unite demonstrates against changes to NHS services in ...

Unite demonstrates against changes to NHS services in the Norfolk and Suffolk area

20 March 2014
Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust are proposing sweeping services changes across both counties which will have a dramatic effect on mental health services in the area.

Unite members lead the community demonstration to the local consultation meeting held in Great Yarmouth on 19 March.

Unite regional co-ordinating officer, and lead officer for the health sector in the Eastern part of the region, Mark Robinson commented, "Unite is seriously concerned that the trust's proposals will have a dramatic effect on patients and service users if continuing the programme of cuts in funding for these vital services.

Our members employed by the trust along with service users and their families have joined together to campaign for better services in their localities. Other support from the local People's Assembly groups is also very welcome. Our campaign continues with further deomonstrations in Waveney scheduled for later in the month.

Great Yarmouth branch secretary Kevin Reynolds added, "Unite activists showed their opposition to mental health cuts at an NHS consultation meeting in Great Yarmouth. An angry meeting of local residents, healthcare workers and activists saw people challenging representatives from the foundation trust and ccgb.

In consultations occuring across the region, Unite is urging solidarity with those working in mental health and patients impacted by devastating cuts to services."