TfL Unions Together and the Better London Transport ca...

TfL Unions Together and the Better London Transport campaign to lobby City Hall on Wednesday 5th November

03 November 2014

TfL Unions Together and the Better London Transport campaign will be lobbying a meeting of the TfL Board, headed by Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The lobby is in protest at plans to cut all ticket offices on the London Underground , slashing almost 1,000 jobs, their privatisation of TfL Customer Services and their plans to freeze the pay and slash the pensions of staff working for TfL. We are also concerned about the funding cuts that they have made to accessible transport services in London and plans that they may have to cut their funding to the massively popular London Transport Museum. 

TfL’s plans to abolish all ticket offices are intended to cut costs without any consideration of the impact that this will have upon the travelling public, and particularly elderly travellers, those travelling with children and disabled travellers. 

These plans are part of ongoing cost-cutting measures which have been taking place in TfL over recent years without any meaningful consultation with the public. TfL has already removed general public access to their telephone customer information services, limiting one-to-one customer information to disabled and elderly travellers. This was done without any public consultation or information and despite massive demand from the public for this service. And now, not satisfied with the savings made by cutting telephone access to customer service advisors, TfL is now planning to outsource these roles to private companies. This means that customer services will be shipped out of London and delivered by a low-paid, transient workforce without a first-hand knowledge of London. 

In recent year TfL has also reduced its funding for accessible transport, including services upon which many elderly and disabled travellers rely, and is now proposing to close every ticket office on the Underground network and cut staffing at stations. This will create a massive burden upon the small number of Travel Information Centres; anyone that travels regularly through central London will know that these services are already massively in demand and that long queues for information are the norm. These proposals also have serious implications for passenger safetly – particularly given TfL’s plans for a 24 hour tube, and will make it harder for disabled travellers to gain assistance.

Alongside these cuts to customer services, TfL is proposing to freeze the pay and slash the pensions of long-serving staff in TfL without proper consultation or negotiation. These are behind the scenes workers who provide key support services such as transport planning, customer information, Dial-A-Ride and road maintenance. TfL is a world-class service staffed by experienced, skills professionals who are dedicated to keeping London moving. If TfL management get their way, many of these staff will be forced to seek work elsewhere and consequently the quality of the services – impacting upon the underground, overground and buses in London – will be diminished. 

TfL  is riding roughshod over the concerns and rights of both the travelling public of London and of their employees. We’re lobbying the TfL Board members to ask them to intervene in these disputes and to instruct TfL to enter into meaningful negotiations at ACAS with the recognised trade unions in TfL and London Underground. We want to protect services for the travelling public and ensure that TfL has a top-quality, committed workforce that can deliver a world class transport service for London. 

If you want to protect London transport services, please join us outside City Hall between 9-10am on Wednesday, 5th November.

Our supporters and members of the public are also welcome to attend the TfL Board Meeting as visitors. The meeting begins at 10am in City Hall. 

City Hall is at The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA.