NSL 3 year pay deal defies Council diktat

NSL three year pay deal defies council diktat

08 March 2013

Unite members employed by NSL in the London borough of Waltham Forest have secured a three year pay deal (backdated to Oct 2012) of just over 5.5 per cent in total.

While this may not seem a large amount it comes in the face of Waltham Forest council (Labour controlled) demanding no pay rises be made by the company to our members.

NSL has worked with Unite for many years on this contract and, after many negotiations, the company made the decision to ignore the council and make an offer. After some fine tuning, our members accepted the proposal.

"Our members recognise that many local authority staff have not had a pay rise in three years whilw NSL staff have seen an increase of over 8 per cent in that time. We also know that NSL has been placed under pressure by the council not to do a deal, so we’re pleased for all parties that they have shown courage in making what our members view as an acceptable offer" said Unite regional officer Paul Travers.