NHS privatisation opposed in Cambridgeshire

NHS privatisation opposed in Cambridgeshire

10 June 2014

On Saturday 7 June Unite was at the forefront of the next stage in the campaign to oppose the sell-off of NHS services in Cambridgeshire.

At the final public meeting of a sham consultation exercise a 5000-signature petition was delivered to representatives of the Clinical Commissioning Group against their plans to hive-off the adult and older people’s community services to the private sector. At the well-attended meeting the views expressed by members of the public were uniformly hostile to the proposals. The meeting was followed by a rally, addressed by Rachael Maskell, Unite national officer for Health, and a march through Cambridge.

Ian Maidlow, Unite regional co-ordinating officer, commented “This may have been the final public meeting arranged by the CCG but the campaign does not stop here. That will only happen when the CCG withdraw their plans to privatise these services. The CCG has to understand that the NHS belongs to the people. It should not be theirs to award contracts to their friends in the private sector whenever they feel like it.”

Ian went on “This is a totemic privatisation. It is the largest single contract, in monetary value, that the NHS has ever put out to tender. If they get their way in Cambridgeshire CCG’s around the country will see it as a green light and there will be a free-for-all, particularly if the Tories win a majority at next year’s general election. It’s time for all of us to fight back for what we believe in.”