Network Rail pay & allowances victory

Network Rail pay & allowances victory

06 February 2017

Unite has secured 25,000 Network Rail staff in London a huge increase on their allowances of almost a third and a two year pay increase to match inflation. 

The deal guarantees a 29% increase in London allowances, pay to match any increase in inflation (measured by the Retail Price Index) and no compulsory redundancies for the same period. 

Hugh Roberts, Unite Rail Officer, said: “These were lengthy and difficult negotiations but Unite members working for Network Rail in London will see a significant benefit in their pay packet. Plus they will be protected against the predicted increase in inflation and have job security for the next two years. Effective negotiation has overcome austerity.” 

Full details: 

London Allowances

All those currently in receipt of inner and outer London Allowances will have these allowances increased by 29%. The definitions of these allowances will be based on the mileages according to employees’ terms and conditions of employment.
Pay to increase with inflation

Network Rail commits to pay all employees in the bargaining groups a consolidated increase equal to: -

a.    RPI as at November 2016 (published December 2016), on basic pay with effect from 1st January 2017.
b.    RPI as at November 2017 (published December 2017), on basic pay with effect from 1st January 2018.

NB: The November 2016 RPI figure was 2.2%
No Compulsory Redundancies

Network Rail guaranteed no compulsory redundancies across all members of these bargaining groups until 31st December 2018.