Members demonstrate at Perkins Engines

Members demonstrate at Perkins Engines

14 April 2014

Members take matters into their own hands after managements fail to listen in pay negotiations.

This year’s pay bargaining has stalled and after many years of agreed settlements it appears the company is trying to claw back hard earned conditions that have stood the test of time for many years.

The original offer by the company was 0% this year and 0% next year with serious reductions on overtime premiums, a new shift pattern giving no premium for the early shift, a 50% reduction in annual bonus and complete reduction for anyone with a final written warning!

All the company actually offered was a one off payment spread over 2 years of £600, which would not be paid to agency workers.

After many meetings and a plan developed by the reps, Unite’s organisers and Tony Ellingford, Unite regional officer, the company did move its position somewhat but nowhere near the demands of the membership. Our members want no less than a 3% one year deal with no strings, this is the bottom line.

Tony Ellingford, Unite officer, stated “Ironically, the business appears sound and many temporary agency workers are being taken on and directors have seen massive increases to their pay from the thousands to 4.3 million over the last 5 years, hardly an unsuccessful business!

Unite is not willing to accept this situation and the membership are behind the union all the way and are taking real ownership of the situation. The show of members attending meetings is extremely positive in response to what is a direct attack upon them. Clearly we will support them through the process however long that is!”

Perkins Engines Demonstration