London Underground pay talks hit buffers - for now!

London Underground pay talks hit buffers - for now!

04 March 2015

Talks with London Underground quickly reached an impasse today, with the bosses refusing to increase their miserable 0.5% pay offer for this year and RPI next year with a strings attached £500 non consolidated night tube payment spread over 2 years. 

They have also asked Unite to help them find good reasons for putting more money on the table and remove much of the original claim which remains: 

  • Introduction of a 32 hour 4 day week without loss of pay. 
  • A substantial real term increase in pay and in all associated payments - specifically RPI {+}. 
  • Replacement of all existing performance related reward schemes with a negotiated consolidated productivity bonus segmented at company and functional level. 
  • Consideration of a multi-year deal depending on acceptability of the remainder of pay settlement.  
  • Increased Annual Leave.
  • Improved and extended travel arrangements on a pan TfL basis inclusive of river boat and cable car.
  • Improvement in sickness arrangements.
  • Increase in First Aid payments to £1000.
  • Improvements in Maternity, Paternity, Parental and Adoption Leave.
  • Review of all agency workers numbers and their rates of pay.
  • Improvement of all long service awards.

This is in addition to all outstanding claims and for the avoidance of doubt Night Tube payments.

Hugh Roberts, Unite officer, commented "The ball is in the employer’s court. Our claim isn't changing until we see serious money being tabled."

Talks will resume Thursday March 12th. 

For further information or just to let us know how you feel contact Hugh on 07764655733 or