London Underground 'Night Tube' payments

London Underground 'Night Tube' payments

12 March 2015

At a meeting to discuss how 'Night Tube' running will affect staff and customer safety, London Underground have told Unite that British Transport Police Officers will receive a 20% shift premia, plus overtime for policing the Tube at night. 

This is in stark contrast to the ‘one off’ cash payment with productivity strings attached of £500 to Tube workers split over 2 years.

'Night Tube' operations will start from September 12th 2015 aiming to deliver an overnight service on Friday and Saturday nights. This will begin with on sections of the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines – 6 trains per hour will operate through central London.

Whilst recognising that 'Night Tube' will have a transformational effect on the capital Unite is seeking assurances over safe staffing levels, protection for lone women passengers and staff, and the predictable problems which will result from alcohol and anti-social behaviour.

Hugh Roberts, Unite Officer, said “London Underground have tried to tie night tube payments to 2015 pay negotiations. If 20% is good enough for the police then it’s good enough for Tube Workers."

Tube pay negotiations resume today.