London & Eastern region celebrates Black History M...

London & Eastern region celebrates Black History Month 2014

26 September 2014

The London & Eastern region will be hosting a series of events celebrating Black History Month 2014.

The following events will all be held at Ron Todd House, 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8BB.

1st October  (12 noon -  2 pm), Launch of 2014 Black History Month
Opening Address: Peter Kavanagh (Regional Secretary)
Guest Speaker: Diana Holland (AGS — Equalities)

10th October (11.00 -  5 pm), Healthcare Workshop
(BAEM Health Advisory Services/Blood Pressure Checks)

13th  October (10.30 -  3.30 pm), BAEM Committee Meeting
Morning - General Meeting
Afternoon - Open Hours for Observers

15th  October (11.00 -  5 pm), Divided by race, united in war and peace     
Documentary project film and drop in forum Q/A session.

24th October (11.00 -  5 pm)

Exhibition/Lecture/ Book Stalls
31st October (4 pm -  12 midnight)

Social Event /Fundraiser

For more information contact George Dodo-Williams, regional officer, on 0203 617 2695.