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LE Automotive Industries Industrial Sector Committee (RISC) Newsletter

20 June 2016

RISC – Who Are We?  What Do We Do?

Welcome to our first London & Eastern Region Automotive Industries Industrial Sector Committee (RISC) Newsletter.

As Chairman of the committee I thought it would be an idea just to give a brief description of the makeup of the Sector Committees and the sort of work we are involved in to assist our members in the workplace and help strengthen the automotive industry both within our region and the whole of the UK.

The RISC is made up of 28 senior Union Representatives elected from many of the major vehicle producers and supply chain companies operating in the London and Eastern region. These companies include General Motors, Ford, New Holland, Delphi, Visteon, Perkins and Caterpillar as well as many other smaller companies where we represent our members, including agency workers, apprentices, supervisors and managers, who develop, design, produce, manufacture, warehouse, deliver, repair, install and recover vehicles and components of all types.

We will introduce you to some of the committee in future newsletter articles.                            

The aim of the RISC is to support, grow and strengthen the automotive sector both within the London and Eastern region and the UK as a whole by developing and delivering sector plans, in conjunction with the national committees, to tackle issues that the industry continually face. These will include the likes of:

•    Lobbying Government to adopt an industrial and manufacturing strategy that acknowledges the importance of the automotive sector to the UK economy.
•    To continue to work with multinational OEM’s to create an industrial supply chain within the UK to support manufacturing in the automotive industry.
•    Engage with Government, Local Authorities and those bodies’ who procure vehicles to acknowledge the importance of a positive procurement policy when buying goods and services for both the public and private sector.
•    Campaign for a comprehensive education, skills and training programme in the UK to promote manufacturing as a positive career option at apprentice and graduate level, also encouraging women and those from black and minority ethnic groups,  which will provide a new skills framework to ensure the highly skilled workers of tomorrow are being educated and trained today.

The committee is currently working on a regional plan which covers many of these topics and more.

Technological changes are set to transform the modern automotive industry with research and development and disruptive technology leading the way. The continued commitment to reductions in emissions across the globe has driven a focus on finding alternative forms of energy for all types of automotive vehicles and with the rapid advances needed to produce electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and now autonomous vehicles there will also be a need for different types of components and connectivity that will bring new partners into the automotive arena such as Apple, Google and many others who are driving research and investment into the production of connective autonomous vehicles. We must ensure we in the UK are not left behind and Unite and this RISC will defend and enhance our members’ interests and employment by campaigning to make sure the UK becomes a centre of excellence for the future of e-mobility and connectivity via R&D, innovation and production in relation to autonomous vehicles and new technologies.

I hope you will enjoy this newsletter and look forward to communicating with you all again very soon.

Les McDonald
Automotive Industries RISC Chair
London & Eastern

EU Referendum 

On the 23rd June, millions of British voters will be asked to decide whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union. 

Unite is campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU as the best hope for workers.  The union’s 63-strong executive council, drawn from workplaces across the UK, agreed that while the EU needs urgent reforn to restore the project to its original mission of solidarity between nations, continuing membership is still the best hope for the jobs and rights of Britains workers. 


The EU accounts for 18% of global manufacturing output. The UK sells 60% of all its exports to the EU. The EU investes £11 billion a year on innovation programmes, of which 15% is invested in UK manufacturing.
The leading destination for foreign investment in the EU is the UK. 87% of UK manufacturers say we should remain in the EU. 50% of UK manufacturers say they are less likely to increase UK investment if we leave the EU.


RISC Chairman
Les McDonald

RISC Secretary
Andy Faughnan

RISC Vice Chair
Rodney Sadd

RISC Vice Chair
Debbie Dempsey

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