Invite to LE region talks

Invite to LE region talks

17 November 2014

Over the next the next few weeks the LE Region are organising a number of talks at Ron Todd House which we hope you will find interesting and come along to. All talks will be held in Ron Todd House, 33-37 Moreland Street, EC1V 8HA at 6.30pm the talk will last for approximately 40 minutes with time for questions afterwards.


Save our NHS Talk! - Dr John Lister, Tuesday 18th November 

As we know despite the Tories promising they would ‘would cut the deficit not the NHS’.  The Con/Dem coalition once in government then embarked on one of the most ferocious and sustained attacks on our NHS introducing the Health and Social Care Bill - A top down restructure with budgets slashed and privatisation through the back door. Dr John Lister, renowned expert on the NHS, health campaigner and author explain what is happening to our NHS and what we can do to fight and save it! 

Palestine Report Back, Wednesday 26 November

Members from the Unite Delegation including Unites Vicky Foxcroft Labour candidate for Lewisham & Deptford, James Murray, Islington Councillor, Dennis Wilson, Unite executive council member.

Palestine is rarely out of the news at the moment, with atrocities and violence committed against Palestinians on an almost daily basis.  Come along and listen to Unite’s Vicky Foxcroft Labour candidate for Lewisham  & Deptford James Murray Islington Councillor, Dennis Wilson Unite executive council member and other Unite members who have just returned from a fact finding trip to Palestine discuss the issue, recount their what they saw and explain what we can do to help.
‘1889 – The Year of the Great Dock Strike’ - Professor Mary Davis, Tuesday 9 December

This year sees the 125th anniversary of the Great Dock Strike. I am pleased to say that Professor Mary Davis, activist, feminist, and Labour historian will be giving a talk on ‘1889 – The Year of the Great Dock Strike’ and the events and strikes that took place at that time. 

The Dockers strike in 1889 followed on from the Match-women’s Strike in 1888 and the success of the newly formed Gas Workers' Union in winning an eight-hour day early in 1889, and marked the arrival of a new era of trade unionism. Both previous disputes had taken place in the East End of London and encouraged the dock workers to organise to put their demands for increased pay and improved working conditions. The Dockers wanted their pay increased to sixpence (tanner) or the “Dockers tanner” as it came to be known – the price of a cigar!  

Many of the issues that were around 125 years ago are now once again familiar to us all, the casualisation of workers through zero hour’s contracts and the constant attack on our pay term and conditions. But as the Dockers, and workers in sister unions proved it is only through organising ourselves that we can fight back and win!  As someone who was lucky enough to be taught by Mary at London Metropolitan University I know it will be a fascinating and informative evening.

January 2015 

The Failed Experiment – Andrew Fisher, Thursday 28 Jan 

Come along and listen to Andrew Fisher discuss his book ‘The Failed Experiment’ in which he puts forward the view that over the last thirty-five years, politicians of all parties in government ceded power over fundamental sectors of our economy to a new oligarchy of corporations. Government has become the servant, not the master, of corporate interests. 

“Hugely impressive job in presenting complex economic issues in layman's terms. Fisher explores how successive governments since Margaret Thatcher's time have helped sow the seeds of this economic downfall.” Morning Star


Film screening Divided by Race, United in War and Peace – Marc Wadsworth, Thursday 26 February 

Divided by Race, United in War and Peace, produced by Unite activist Marc Wadsworth, editor of, is a moving film about race relations in Britain during and after the Second World War. It exposes the sometimes painful evolution of a multicultural society from the unique vantage point of black and white veterans.

At its core are the candid testimonies of 14 of these hidden heroes, particularly those West Indian and African men and women who volunteered for the war effort, and who returned to live in Britain after the conflict.
They risked their lives to serve under the flag in times of war, then faced a second battle - their right to remain under that flag, as British citizens. This is not only a story about a global conflict, but also a factual, informative and powerful account of the last surviving veterans. It documents their abiding humanity, in the most brutal of circumstances, and even touching romance. 

The documentary is 60 minutes long and the screening will be followed by Q & A session with the producer. DVDs of the full-length cinema version of the film will be available at the specially discounted price of £10. I have seen this film is an absolutely fantastic documentary and I would urge you to come along and watch it and take part in the discussion afterwards.

Please contact the regional office for more information on 020 8800 4281.