Help support the BA cabin crews dispute

Help support the BA cabin crews

15 March 2017

All Unite branches and Labour Party CLPs are being urged to pass a resolution to support the BA mixed cabin crews.

Unite London & Eastern has drafted a model resolution (below)

The region is calling on all branches and CLPs to help the brave young members of the BA mixed cabin crews who are locked into a bitter dispute with the arrogant and intransigent British Airways

Please get your Branch to support the strikers to pass this resolution

(Below is a model resolution)

This Branch notes:

  • 3,000 Unite members working for BA Mixed Feet cabin crew are in dispute with their employer over poverty pay
  • Workers starter wage is £12K rising to an average of £16,000 with expenses
  • To date they have taken 26 strike days and more are planned. BA made a profit of £1.4 billion in the last financial year and is on track to make profits of £2.3 billion in the current financial year
We recognise that BA intends to break the will of the strikers by starving them back to work.

We resolve to do all we can to support these workers by: 

Making a donation to the strike fund Mixed Fleet Branch - Acc: 20376387 Sort Code: 60-83-01

By sending an email of solidarity to the strikers congratulating them on their action email

By emailing BA CEO Carlo Cruz asking: 

…why do crew need to sleep in cars, why they cannot afford to be sick and what effects this has on safety, why crew do not get the advertised rate for the job, Why 70% of MF crew are women but 70% of on-board managers Mixed Fleet crew (csms') are men.

Please publicise this ongoing dispute among branch members and ask them to donate to the strike fund. 

These young crews are carrying on the fight and there will be more strike action - let's get behind them.