From Cable Street to Brick Lane

From Cable Street to Brick Lane

01 April 2014

A film about the East End's proud history of fighting racism and intolerance received its latest screening, organised by Unite Community, at St George's Town Hall in Cable Street.

The event was organised by Unite Community, the trade union based on the same street where, in 1936, the labour movement came together to stop Mosley's fascists from marching through the East End.  The film, shown to a packed audience, tells the story of how East Enders have continued to demonstrate that 'Tower Hamlets is No Place for Hate', standing together to oppose the National Front in the 1980s, the BNP in the 1990s and most recently, the English Defence League.

Saturday's event was the first in a series of film screenings to be organised by Unite Community. For more information contact Unite Community