European Initiative for Media Pluralism Launches

European Initiative for Media Pluralism Launches

21 March 2013

Today, 21 March, sees the launch of a major new campaign against the concentration of media power. The meeting will bring together members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons with a diverse group of people who are concerned about the concentrations of power in media.

The campaign centres on a European Citizens’ Initiative, a new type of official petition. This petition calls on the European Union (EU) to act to protect media pluralism and press freedom. Specifically, it demands an EU directive that will deliver:

·        legislation to avoid concentration of ownership in the media and advertising sectors;

·        guaranteed independence of supervisory bodies from political power and influence; 

·        a definition of conflict of interests with media ownership to prevent abuse of media power for special interests ;

·        rules enforcing transparency to identify the ultimate beneficial owners of media outlets, and monitoring systems to regularly gauge the independence of the media in member states.

If the petition succeeds in gathering a million signatures across the EU, the European Commission is obliged to respond.

What can you do to support the campaign?

·        Sign the petition online! We need your support to collect the 1 million signatures needed for actions to be taken by the European Commission. Go to to sign and for further information.

·        Mobilise support to collect signatures through your own network of contacts

·        Spread the word - promote it on your social media sites and add it to your website