Concessions won and seven day strike called off at Loo...

Concessions won and seven day strike called off at Look Ahead Hackney

10 July 2014

Look Ahead members have called off a seven day strike this morning following last minute negotiations with Peter Storey, Unite regional officer and Dom Rollin Unite workplace rep. 

Negotiations have resulted in proposed pay cuts of 14% being shelved. Compulsory redundancies have been rejected and volunteers for redundancy will have their contractual redundancy terms enhanced by 50% as a result of Unite’s negotiations. Look Ahead have also agreed to recognise Unite within Hackney. Unite will be pursuing recognition throughout the entirety of Look Ahead, following these successes. 

Peter Storey regional officer said ‘Our members at Hackney have been put in a corner. Working for low wages, in an expensive city, and following a 15% pay cut last year Look Ahead believed our members would meekly accept another huge cut that would have left them in poverty, and the service decimated. Our members looked them straight in the eye with a 100% vote for strike action. They are a courageous example to others of the power of unity against an out of control employer.’  

Look Ahead leads the race to the bottom in housing. Look Ahead has grown using a strategy of winning contracts, severely undercutting other organisations in competitive tendering on price without any consideration for the subsequent impact on pay. After winning services from another provider, they re-structure from day one, ignoring TUPE, and often slashing wages.