Colombia: Human rights and peace meeting

Colombia: Human rights and peace meeting

30 March 2016

As the peace talks draw ever nearer to a final agreement, in recent weeks the killings of activists have risen dramatically. Come and hear from two of Colombia’s leading trade union and human rights activists about the situation on the ground in Colombia and how the international community can help secure an end to the murders and a lasting peace. 

CHAIR: Ian Lavery MP, Chair of Trade Union Group and Vice Chair Parliamentary Friends of Colombia 


Gustavo Rengifo, a trade union activist from the FENSUAGRO Agricultural workers union was kidnapped and tortured by paramilitaries last May, who threatened to murder him and his family if he refused to work as an informant. Since then he has been in hiding and is in grave danger. 

Deivin Hurtado is a leading human rights defender in the south western region of Cauca, an area where some of the worst human rights abuses have occurred in recent years. He was seriously wounded with a grenade at the hands of the police and army during the national strike of 2013, and since then has been the target of death threats.

Committee Room 14, House of Commons (main entrance), London SW1A 0AA, 5.00pm, Tuesday April 12th 2016.