Bromley Libraries Campaign - Action Needed

Bromley libraries campaign - action needed

26 February 2016

Bromley Tory council has now announced the organisation that has been chosen to turn six Bromley libraries (Burnt Ash, Hayes, Mottingham, Shortlands, Southborough and St Pauls Cray) into volunteer run libraries. 

Community Links will be at the forefront in replacing paid, professional library staff with an unreliable, volunteer run service. This will lead to the destruction of our libraries. Unite is demanding that Community Links pulls out with immediate effect. 

The organisation was the only bidder - showing a complete lack of general interest or support for the volunteer proposal. This follows two public consultations carried out by the council where in both, the majority opinion of the people of Bromley was to reject volunteer run libraries and privatisation. But Bromley council has decided to ignore the people it is supposed to serve.

In a matter of months, libraries could be handed over to Community Links to run into the ground.

That is why Unite is now making this urgent call and that is why we are now protesting against Bromley Community Links. 

Below are details of our campaign activity for the next few weeks. Please do all you can to support this vital campaign to preserve and save our libraries

Protest Outside Bromley Community Links:
Community House
South St
BR1 1RH  (Near Bromley North Station)

2nd March 9am till 10.30am
4th March 9am till 11am

From 22nd Feb, please send regular/repeat emails / leave phone messages / Facebook / tweet at:

0208 315 1900

Volunteer Centre Bromley (Facebook)

@CommLinksBrom  (Twitter)

We want the company to get the message that the people of Bromley have said NO to the proposals. Campaign supporters are therefore asked to contact the company via one or more of the above address links and leave a message that states:

- The people of Bromley have been consulted and said no to the volunteer proposal
- We want paid, professional, qualified public service workers in our Libraries
- We do not want to see paid jobs replaced with unpaid labour
- We believe that democratically accountable local authorities must run libraries as a public service
- We will campaign against Community Links taking over
- We demand Community Links withdraw from the service

For further details about the campaign, contact Onay Kasab at