Invite to a Europe fit for working people meeting

Invite to a Europe fit for working people meeting

12 April 2016

Meet Giorgos Gogos, Chair of the Piraeus dockers. 

The Piraeus dockers have been foremost in the battle against the austerity programme imposed on Greece. The latest “punishment” for Greece’s defiance of the big industrial, commercial and banking monopolies presently running the EU includes privatisation of the docks. 

Greek workers cannot continue to fight on their own. They must have real practical solidarity from all European workers to build the kind of Europe we need – a Europe fit for working people. 

Unite House, Holborn 128 Theobald’s Rd, London, WC1X 8TN. Wednesday 27 April 6.30pm.

Free tickets

CHAIR: Andy Green, Unite EC member for Docks & Waterways.
OTHER SPEAKERS: Isidoros Diakides, Greece Solidarity Campaign, Jim Kelly, Chair Unite London & Eastern Region.