Community membership in London and Eastern

We campaign on what matters to you; Housing, NHS, Welfare Cuts, and with each campaign WIN we deliver real social change. 

A recent campaign that we have led, which has galvanised  a wide-ranging coalition – football fan groups, shareholders, War on Want, Peoples’ Assembly is #SportsDirectShame. 

This campaign is the platform, we hope to ban the use of Zero Hour Contracts, which could benefit millions of workers. Ending precarious work links unemployed workers’ and workers and sends a clear message to the kind of society we want. 

Our 3,583 members are organised in Branches throughout the London and Eastern Region and there will be an active funded group near you which drives local campaigns. 

Please see below.

I hope you will be an active part of your local group. 

David Condliffe
London & Eastern Community & Unite in Schools Coordinator
Unite the Union
Ron Todd House
33-37 Moreland Street
London EC1V 8BB
Mobile: 0779 111 3806

Branch contacts

Community Norfolk Branch LE/00001

Branch Secretary: Glenn Springett

Chair: Charlotte Casey

Equalities Officer: Marion Fallon

Treasurer: Hillel Fridman (Brian Green)

Community Essex Branch - LE/00002
Secretary: David Plummer
Tel: 07875 549440 

Chair: Michael Fletcher Tel. 07721 363770

Equalities: Ian Pope Tel. 07432 764628

Community Cambridge & Peterborough Branch LE/00003
Secretary: James Youd
Tel: 07761 242146 

Chair: Joanne Robbins
Tel: 07584 494826 

Treasurer: Dave Arrowsmith
Tel: 07986 781494




Community Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire Branch - LE/00004
Secretary: Rachel Holmes
Tel: 07526 282356

Chair: Ian Nottage Tel. 07909 843059

Treasurer: Robert Atkins Tel. 07727 260208

Equalities: Jacqui Burnett Tel. 07957 752205



Community Middlesex Area Branch - LE/00006
Secretary: James Wallace
Tel: 07958 505900 

Chair: Bob Brown Tel. 07986 470851

Treasurer: Anne Brown Tel. 07983 019672

Equalities: Lorraine Winson Tel. 07494 959717

Community South East London Branch LE/00007
Secretary: Ellen Morrison  Email:
Tel: 07966175898

Chair: Amina Mangera 

Treasurer: Gillian Hart
Tel: 07429887754 

Equalities Officer: Paula Peters
Tel: 07909 594434



Community Hackney Branch LE/00008
Secretary: Alan Clarke
Tel: 07974 039759 

Chair: Jane Holgate
Tel: 07960 798399

Treasurer: Terry Stewart
Tel: 07806 681930 

Equalities Officer: Ciara Burke
Tel: 07849 075130




Community Barnet Branch LE/00009
Chair: Tirza Waisel
Tel: 07957 486379

Secretary: Janette Evans
Tel: 07913 999255

Treasurer: George Shaw
Tel: 07956 446286

Equalities Officer: Monique Wyatt
Tel: 07432 422125


Community West London Branch LE/00010
Secretary: Raj Gill
Tel: 07983 977775 

Treasurer: Kusum Parashar
Tel: 07905 362501       


Community Haringey Branch LE/00011
Secretary: Lawrence Rose (known as Phil)
Tel: 07956 334141

Chair: Melissa Friedberg
Tel: 07533 978337

Treasurer: Nick Davidson
Tel: 07773 794410 

Equalities: Steve Ballard Tel: 07989 786399 



Lambeth & Southwark Branch LE/00013
Joint Branch Secretaries: Ian Townson and Linda Wilde

Joint Branch Chairs: Stuart King and Joan Twelves

Joint Branch Treasurers: Grace Lally Tel.07834 828292


Community Islington Branch LE/00014
Secretary: Ben Lotz        Email:

Chair: Mary Conway (known as Terry)    Email:
Tel: 07903  162175 

Treasurer: Monique Buchli     Email:
Tel: 07988652141  

Equalities Officer: Maggie Zolobajluk
Tel: 07757 484481   

Community East London Branch LE/00015

Chair: Dr Susan Pashkoff
Tel: 07786 730904

Treasurer: Jeanette Dye
Tel: 0208 472 3437 

Community Suffolk Branch LE/00016
Secretary: Sarah Matthews
Tel: 01473 437608   

Treasurer: Janet Clapson Tel. 01473 411756

Equalities: Shelly Darwin Tel. 07950 641063

Community Camden Branch LE/00018
Chair: Fran Hanlon 
Tel: 07531 961353

Secretary: Dennis Pearce

Treasurer: Tracey Bent Tel. 07803 609511

Equalities Officer: Gareth Murphy
Tel: 07505 358545 


Community South West London Branch LE/00019  
Secretary: Robert Lugg
Tel: 07453 507617 

Chair: William Hayes Tel. 07725 447873

Treasurer: Maureen Cooper Tel. 07736 713929

Equalities: Carole Maddern Tel. 0207 924 5868

Community Brent Branch LE/00020
: Robin Sivapalan

Tel: 07974 331053

Treasurer: Ella Downing
Tel: 07902 010179

Equalities Officer: Deepa Pathi
Tel: 07939 601566   

Community Barking, Dagenham and Havering Group LE/00017  

Secretary:  Christine Freeman  email

Chair: Moin Quadri  email  Tel. 07861 728155

Treasurer: Syed Ghani  Tel. 07961 425358