TfL Unions Together

Staff at TfL have been forced to take action against the Mayor's reckless attacks on staff - freezing wages and cutting pensions which will deplete TfL of the world-class staff it needs to keep London moving.

Despite an £800 million budget surplus, we are told there is a "new economic reality" - one where the most senior directors recieve huge bonuses while vital staff will be up to 40% worse off in their retirement! The Transport Commisioner, Sir Peter Hendy, earned in excess of £600,000 last year but he thinks that £29k is too much for front line staff. TfL have signed up whole-heartedly to the Tory mantra of slashing jobs, pay and pensions for those who serve the public.

Transport for London say that their staff should have their pay and pensions cut. These are the same staff who worked for FREE as Travel Ambassadors during the Olympics and who continue to volunteer their time for events such as the Tour de France. These are the same staff that Mayor, Boris Johnson, praised to the hilt for their dedication and achievements. Now, all of a sudden, they are "overpaid and underperforming"!

Lobby the TfL Board of Directors

TfL have rejected, out of hand, counter proposals from the Unions, refused to refer to ACAS and are set on pressing ahead regardless. Members of TSSA, Unite and RMT have been taking strike action to bring TfL back to the table but we need your help too.

Please send an email to the Mayor and the TfL Board to tell them what you think and urge them to negotiate a reasonable settlement. It will only take 1 minute and make a big difference to the hard pressed staff who keep London moving.

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