Unite’s CTB campaign

Unite Community is running a London-based campaign to reverse cuts in council tax support for low-income households in conjunction with debt advice charity Z2K.

We have chosen an initial four London boroughs - Brent, Barnet, Hackney and Southwark - where we hope to persuade councillors to Restore 100% Council Tax Benefit in the next budget setting round.

The campaign will lobby local councillors, demonstrate outside town halls and raise the issue in local and national media. Although Unite Community’s campaign is focusing on Barnet, Brent, Hackney and Southwark, we anticipate that the campaign to Restore 100% CTB will be taken up by activists in other areas of London, and possibly nationally.

Councils are currently developing their draft budgets for the next financial year which will be published after Christmas and then finalised early next year to come into effect from April 2014. We are expecting the proposals for next year’s Council Tax schemes to be published at the same time, or included as part of the budget.

As there are local elections in May 2014 (immediately following the budget setting) an intensive ward-based campaign can have a major impact. We will focus the campaign on wards where the numbers of households now paying a proportion of Council Tax for the first time are high enough to influence the outcome of elections.

Get involved
To join Unite Community’s Restore 100% CTB campaign, contact: Pilgrim Tucker on 07970 126249 or by email

The Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K) is a London-based charity addressing poverty issues caused by unfairness in the law, legal and benefits system. Z2K helps vulnerable debtors to gain justice against these unfair systems. For more information visit the website

Unite Community is a section of Britain’s biggest trade union which offers the benefits of union membership to those without a job or workplace. Unite Community has a network of activists - often retired, or not in regular paid work - dedicated to bringing about positive change in their communities. For more information, click here.