No More Blacklisting

For decades, more than 40 of the UK’s biggest construction companies used a blacklist to keep union activists from working for decent standards on building sites. The companies would check to see if job applicants were on the list – if they were, they were refused work and turned away.

The blacklist named 3,213 building workers, most of whom still do not know they were illegally barred from employment. The long-rumoured existence of the blacklist was finally proven in 2009 when the Information Commissioner’s Office raided an organisation called the Consulting Association, which was financed by the big construction companies.

The TUC, along with Unite, GMB and UCATT is calling for a public inquiry into the blacklisting scandal. We say the companies behind it need to: Re-Employ Blacklisted Workers Now!

OWN UP! Accept responsibility for this illegal discrimination against trade unionists
PAY UP! Compensate blacklisted workers who were prevented from earning a living
CLEAN UP! Introduce transparent, monitored recruitment procedures agreed with unions         

Until companies involved in blacklisting have met their obligations, Unite calls on public bodies to bar them from public contracts. The Welsh Assembly and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets support Unite's campaign by barring the offending construction companies.

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