Modernisation of industrial relations

Modernisation of industrial relations

19 March 2014

Unite held a very successful "Joint Integrated Development Programme" with the Gibraltar government in a bid to modernise industrial relations. This was held in Unite's state of the art training facility in Esher (UK).

The first such partnership in the public sector will be with the government of Gibraltar human resources department and the Gibraltar Health Authority human resources departments.

Key figures from HMGOG HR, GHA HR and Unite officers and convenors attended the seminar/course.

The aim of this course was to produce an action plan that will enable the Gibraltar government and Unite to work towards agreed objectives and issues identified at the course. Once a framework is developed Unite will consult the relevant members and branches with a view to sanction this innovative industrial relations setup.

We had the support and involvement of key figures such as the Hon. chief minister, the chief secretary, the chief minister's industrial relations adviser, Michael Crome, national officer with responsibility for Gibraltar, Kevin Coyne and Unite's director for education, Jim Mowatt.

Unite has already in place similar collaborative arrangements in the private sector, namely with Interserve Defence Ltd, Barclays and RBS/Natwest and is in the process of extending this initiative to other major employers in the said sector.

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