Unite is the largest union on the Rock with approximately 4,200 members working in every sector of the economy. Unite represents public and private sector workers throughout Gibraltar and remains committed to achieving justice for all workers on the Rock.

Unite Gibraltar
Transport House
43/45 Town Range
Tel: +350 200 74 185 or +350 200 71 596


Victor Ochello - regional officer, Gibraltar office - +350 200 74 185  Brexit & Gibraltar
Gillian Birkett - Regional Officer
Peter Hughes - Regional Secretary SW & GI Region


Unite news releases relating to Gibraltar

Asbestos Register Leaflet (Gibraltar)

Unite in action

Unite is involved in a series of campaigns on the Rock demanding better pay for its members, improved terms and conditions and a greater focus on health and safety. Unite organises across the private and public sector with members in health, local authorities, the service sector, construction, logistics, engineering and many more. Find out more about Unite campaigns in Gibraltar:

Unite FlagsAnti-bullying and harassment: A team from Unite – joined by trades council members – have been working hard on drawing up an anti-bullying and harassment document to be presented to the Gibraltar government for final approval before legislation will be brought forward to enshrine rights for workers to be free of bullying and harassment at work. 

Building a bigger union: Unite in Gibraltar is recruiting on a daily basis building its members in new and existing companies. Unite’s dedicated organising campaigns have seen new members added across the Rock with particular jumps in membership in the finance and legal, construction, education and health sectors as well as local authorities and more. Gibraltar’s biggest union is getting bigger.

Campaigning for private sector pensions: Poverty in retirement removes people’s dignity and less than one in three workers in Gibraltar’s private sector have a pension. Unite in Gibraltar is campaigning for a decent pensions for all workers in the private sector. If the lack of pensions remains unchallenged then the government will face an ever rising benefits bill or a massive increase in poverty. Unite in Gibraltar is campaigning for the government to introduce legislation to compel employers in the private sector to enrol employees in a pension scheme that meets minimum standards and includes employer contributions. For more contact Unite pensions co-ordinator Albert Hewitt and sign the petition.

Extending employment rights: Unite in Gibraltar is looking to commission a legal study looking at local labour laws, comparing current UK legislation with that locally in Gibraltar. The objective is to campaign to bring the relevant employment law in Gibraltar in line with that of the UK and then to fight to protect the hard won rights of workers.

Fighting for family friendly hours: After years of challenging the government, Unite in Gibraltar has now got agreement on prioritising family friendly hours in public services. Unite is now calling on all women (and men) to rally behind the trade union movement to work to improve working and family lives.

Prioritising pay: Unite in Gibraltar works with all stewards and reps to advise, support and represent mGibraltar youth workersembers in delivering fair wages and improved pay for members. Unite organises across the Rock and has managed to negotiate good pay increases in a range of companies from Morrisons to Serco, Gibtelecom, Gib Oil, Europort, GMES, Master Service and more. Workers in companies with a recognised union earn 10 per cent more than comparable workers in non-unionised workplaces, that is how Unite in Gibraltar helps to deliver pay rises, having a strong voice in your workplace, helps you make a difference.

Reaching out to young people: Unite stands up for young people, whether working full time or students working part time. Unite in Gibraltar has been out visiting young people in youth clubs and at careers fairs helping explain the message of workplace rights and helping young people take their first steps into the world of work. Unite is actively looking to recruit the next generation of trade union members to help promote union values and defend workplace and employment rights.