EM Politics - Political Committee

Chair - East Midlands Regional Political CommitteeSteve Yemm

Steve Yemm

Chair, Mansfield CLP. Labour Party member for 30 years - I have held a wide variety of roles. I joined the Labour Party during the 1984-85 strike.

Joined ASTMS at age 18 in 1982.  I have held a variety of roles from workplace steward, pay negotiation committee to branch president.

I stood for the RPC because I want to see UNITE positions reflected strongly in Labour Party policy.

I want Labour to stand as a maximalist social democratic party committed to redistributing wealth, income and power from the few to the many, and protecting the environment.

I will also:
•    promote policies which advance public service and collective ownership, and resist and reverse privatisation and market based solutions
•    campaign for improved trade union and employment rights, a living wage, and increased democratic and financial powers for local government

Tony Tinley

Tony Tinley

Regional Political Officer

Member of Unite since 1981.  Member of the Labour Party since 1983. 

I have held numerous positions within the Labour Party.  I am currently Chair of East Midlands TULO and Vice Chair of the Regional Board of the Labour Party. 

My aspiration is simple - to get more progressive, working people into Parliament.

Annmarie Kilcline

East Midlands Regional Secretary Annmarie Kilcline MfC

I have been a union member since 1985.

I became a Shop Steward in 1987 where we progressed a claim for ‘Equal Pay for Jobs of Equal Value’ at Northern Foods, which affected over 1,500 women.  This claim was successful. 

In 1990 I became the first Full Time Women’s Convenor at Northern Foods, representing some 2,500 members covering shop floor workers, engineers, drivers, vehicle fitters, shop workers and administrators. 

I was appointed to a Full Time Officer’s position, for the former Transport & General Workers Union (TGWU) in 1996, working out of our Birmingham office, covering workers from all sectors of the economy.  I moved back to the East Midlands in 2003, and worked out of our Derby Office.

In 2009 I was appointed as a Regional Co-ordinating Officer, which was a new position within the newly formed ‘Unite the Union’.

In 2013 I was appointed Regional Secretary of the East Midlands Region of Unite the Union.

Since the early 1990s I have been a Labour Party member.

Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell

Councillor Sarah Russell was first elected to Derby City Council in May 2011 as a Labour representative for Abbey Ward, before becoming the youngest Cabinet Member in the country in 2012 at just 22 years of age.

Sarah has been a member of Unite since leaving university in 2010 and has worked closely with trade union representatives during her time in office to protect public sector workers from Government cuts.

As the Cabinet Member for ‘Business, Finance and Democracy’, and ‘Housing, Finance and Welfare’, Sarah has led campaigns against pay-day lending and the Government’s work programme, saved residents money on their household bills and successfully introduced the Living Wage for employees of Derby City Council.

Alongside her role as a councillor, Sarah works as a Parliamentary Caseworker for Chris Williamson MP.  In both her roles, she is committed to serving the residents of Derby and is guided by strong values of social justice and equality of opportunity.

Raffiq Moosa

Raffiq Moosa

I live in Leicester South CLP whose MP is Jon Ashworth.  I’m a delegate to the Local Campaign Forum and the treasurer for the Stoneygate ward. I’m also the Vice Chair of Unite’s East Midlands Region and the National Chair of Unite’s GPM & IT sector.

I am a strong believer in getting more ordinary people politically educated and organised. Only when this happens will we be able to ensure that those who represent or want to represent us reflect the views and opinions of ordinary people. The trade union movement has a responsibility in delivering such an agenda through the Labour party and I for my part will continue will continue to play an active role in trying to deliver such an agenda.

Janice Platt

Janice Platt

My name is Janice Platt been a member of labour party for 16 years and a member of unite Graduated in 2000 from Derby University with a 3rd class honours degree in European Studies and Politics. I believe in a fairer country that works for all.

Thomas Neilson

Thomas Neilson

I am leader of the Labour group on North West Leicestershire District Council where we are hoping to take control in 2015. I joined the Labour Party in 2003 because I knew that if I wanted the party to represent my views as a socialist then I had to be part of it to argue for the policies and rule changes required to make it happen.

For us trades unionists it is an up-hill battle to get what we want all the time, but I continue to fight for greater trade union rights, greater health & safety controls, a living wage, fairer taxes and a publicly owned free at the point of use National Health Service as well as lots more that I don’t have room to put here.


Ashok Hemmings
Ashok Hemmings

I Joined Unite in 2011 when I started work as an Apprentice at Rolls-Royce. I have been involved in the young members committee since then and attended both the 2012 and 2014 Unite Policy conferences as a young observer as well as being a member of the 2013 Cuban Solidarity Campaign’s annual delegation.

As Rolls-Royce is one of the biggest employers in Derby, particularly of young people, I have focused my efforts on raising awareness of Unite and the work it carries out amongst the apprentice population.

I am new to the political side of Unite but am very interested in learning more about the work we undertake.


Simon Hemmings

Simon Hemmings

Ian Hawley

Ian Hawley

·        Active member of the Labour Party - 15 years altogether
·         Convenor at Celanese for ten years until retirement in 2012
·         On Mid-Derbyshire CLP
·         European Works Council
·         Involved in Lobbies of Parliament over energy and chemical issues

Over the next three years I wish to work towards delivering a Labour Government in post that delivers for working people and achieves a fairer and balanced society.



Karl Daly

Karl Daly

I am Deputy Convenor at Rolls-Royce in Derby representing over 3,000 manual workers.  Apart from being on the Unite Political Committee for the East Midlands I am active within the local Labour Party and hoping to become a Labour councillor.

I believe it is very important that our members feel that they can connect with what is their political party and can see in Labour a party that is committed to standing up for working people and their issues.

Mary Dyer-Atkins

Mary Dyer-Atkins

Retired Members representative to the RPC

I first joined the T&GWU when I worked at Felixstowe Docks, but my membership lapsed when I moved to Northampton, rejoining in 1988, working for a Charity until I retired in 2009.

I have been an active Branch member and served on the Women’s, ACTS, and West Midlands Regional Committees.  Also the National Voluntary Sector working party; attending BDC, other union conferences and while working for the Charity gained union recognition and worked hard to help my members.

I joined the Labour Party in the 1970s and have stood several times as a LP candidate for council, and was elected to NBC after I moved to Northampton, serving for ten years. Also have held many posts within the LP and attended LP Conference on several occasions.

I am currently active in the UNITE Retired Members Sector and in the LP CLP.

Nick Raine

Nick Raine

My name is Nick Raine and I am a Regional Representative for Unite the Union National Union of Teachers Branch. 

I have been an active trade unionist for over two decades in the civil service and as a teacher. I am a delegate to Nottinghamshire Trades Council and currently employed as a full time officer where I represent teachers throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire.  I am Chair of Sherwood Branch Labour Party, a delegate to Nottingham East CLP and I’m standing as a Prospective Councillor in 2015. 

I believe that the Labour Party needs to represent the interests of working people. I am an active campaigner for a living wage, reform of the anti-union laws and ensuring that Unite members are represented in my local party. I am opposed to austerity, zero hours contracts, the Bedroom Tax, privatisation and blacklisting.

I’m on twitter at @nick_raine    

Mick Devine

Mick Devine

I have been a member of the Labour Party for over twenty years

A former Chairman of the T&G Northern Region Regional Committee

A member of the Regional Political Committee for since the formation of Unite

I am a member of the Gainsborough CLP and have fought two local elections and assisted in General Elections in Lincoln and Gainsborough


Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper

Steve is from South Derbyshire and is the chair of his local parish council.  He has been a member of the Labour Party since the beginning of 2011 and has stood as a candidate in the South Derbyshire District Elections and Derbyshire County Elections.

Steve’s number one aim is to build a stronger economy for Derbyshire that creates jobs, grow local businesses and provides a future for young people. This will not only benefit these people it will provide an improved standard of living for everyone in the County.

He also believes that that the NHS is an essential service for all and must be protected and supported.  It is essential that everyone wherever they are has access to the services they need when they need them.  Including care and support for the Elderly, disabled and their families so they can lead independent lives.

Mokhtar Hussain

Mokhtar Hussain

·        British Bangladeshi, working for S.P.S.Technologies in Leicester for last 16 years as a direct team leader
·         Member of Unite the Union for over 20 years
·         Branch secretary of work place branch for last two years and a work place rep for last 7 years
·         I am a Health and Safety rep, equality and diversity rep, learning rep
·         Local union activist committee member
·         Served as a school governor for 8 years in Leicester

·         Trustee of charity
-         A C.L.P. Member of Leicester East Labour party

My ambition is to make the working class people to know more about how the political system works and recruit them as party members so they can have their choice of candidates to represent them in local and national politics.

I would like to see the education system introduce politics at secondary schools at least one afternoon a week so the young people can learn and participate if they wish in politics.

The public must be educated to understand how important it is for them to vote in local and national elections.

Lenford Vassell

Lenford Vassell

Hello comrades my name is Lenford Vassell and I currently work as a Security Officer at the University of Nottingham.

I have been a member of trade unions since the early 80s, NALGO, NAPO, Unite (via MSF and Amicus).  I am proud to and currently represent Unite members in the workplace as branch Equality Officer and Health & Safety Rep.  As well as being a Unite activist in my workplace I currently sit on my local RISC (HE), Area Activist, East Midlands Regional Political, Health & Safety and BAEM Committees.  I have represented my sector regionally, nationally and at TUC Congress.

As a member of the Labour Party I am also active in my local constituency where I am currently branch secretary and a member of Nottingham North CLP.

Steve Froggatt MfC

Steve Froggatt

Adrian Cowley MfC

Adrian Cowley

Carol Starr

Joseph McCarthy

Martyn Reuby

Maureen Gee

Neelam Verma

Olwyn Emery

Ratilal Govind

Roger Springthorpe

Sam Rosenthal

Simon Rosenthal

 Dave DeLacy

Dave DeLacy - Deceased March 2015

Chair - East Midlands Regional Political Committee

Dave was the senior Trade Union Representative at Siemens (formerly Plessey, GPT) at Beeston Notts for 25 years. 

He was a member of the General Executive Council of the TGWU and the Executive Council of Unite the Union from 1995 - 2011  and was also a longstanding member of the Union`s Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Dave was elected as Labour District Councillor for Ibstock and Heather in a by-election in February 2012.  He was currently Labour`s Shadow Portfolio holder for Finance on North West Leicestershire District Council.

He was Vice Chair and TULO Officer of North West Leicestershire Constituency Labour Party and also Branch Secretary of the Warren Hills Labour Party Branch in Coalville.  Dave also sat as a lay member of the Employment Tribunal Service in Nottingham.

Message from Tony Tinley 

I would just like to say how grateful I was to have Dave in the Chair during what was initially a very difficult time on the Political Committee.  His personal commitment and by leading by example should be an inspiration to us all in the coming weeks.