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Apprentices at Brush Traction based at Loughborough

Brush Apprentices

This photograph was used in the Labour manifesto that was launched on Monday 13 April. This was also followed by a very successful visit from Ed Miliband on Tuesday 14 April.

We would like to thank the company for its cooperation in arranging the photograph and visit.

Regional Officer for the company Tom Sawyer said, "We were very pleased to be able to promote the work being done by Brush Traction and their Apprenticeship scheme.  It was a great opportunity to be included in the manifesto and see Ed Miliband visit this site. "

If you would like to follow more about what Brush Traction does please click here

You can access the full manifesto here:

Political Activity on the run up to the Election Loughborough 250415

Unite Officers and members canvassing in Loughborough for Matthew O'Callaghan on
25 April 2015.

ErewashCanvassing in Erewash Constituency on 9 April 2015

PPC Catherine Atkinson said "Many thanks to everyone who attended the canvassing today in Cotmanhay. 

Altogether a total of 74 contacts were made, 51 of which were Labour which gives us a total of 69% being Labour promises.

As always, your efforts are much appreciated and look forward to seeing you soon!"


Canvassing in Loughborough and Lincoln Constuencies            

Erewash Telephone Banking 310315 Leonie Mathers

  Erewash Telephone Banking                                             Unite Officers and members canvassing with Leonie Mathers in Sherwood
  31 March 2015                                                                  10 April 2015

RPC Canvassing in Loughborough 210315Ratilal Govind Campaigning Leicester East

Regional Political Commitee canvassing in Loughborough                 Ratilal Govind - RPC Member campaigning in
21 March 2015                                                                                    Leicester East

Talking Politics to Unite Members at Rolls Royce - 20 March 2015

Today, Members at Rolls Royce in Derby got the chance to discuss issues that affect them in their Constituencies directly with PPCs Chris Williamson, Cheryl Pidgeon, Nicola Heaton and Catherine Atkinson.

Everyone in attendance felt this exercise to be beneficial to them and gave a better insight into what candidates were already trying to achieve in their area.

RR Mass Meeting 3RR Mass Meeting 2RR Mass Meeting 5RR Mass Meeting 1RR Mass Meeting 4

Save the NHS!!  38 Degrees Day of Action 28 February 2015Nikki MacDonald NHS Petition March 2015

From Saving our NHS, to tackling tax dodgers and stopping TTIP, 38 Degrees members across the country are working together to make sure that this election is fought on the issues we all care about.  Thousands of people across the country were out collecting signatures on Saturday 28 February.  

There is a petition for every MP in the UK with around 370,000 signatures so far.  Keep this going and sign the petition here today!   

Manifesto for Change

Unite Officers and the Young Members Committee support the TULO Campaign!

 Officers and Young Members MfC

Manifesto for Change

More on Manifesto for Change

This year is a fight to Save our NHS – and the TULO campaign is well underway.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: almost a million people waiting longer than four hours in A&E, 7,000 frontline staff cut and ambulance response times rising.

The blame lies squarely at the feet of the Tories, who chose to spend billions putting profit before patients.

Now with poll after poll showing the NHS as the public’s top concern, we need your help to Save our NHS

Please click here to download more campaign materials and sign up for yourself!

MfC NHS Posters Feb 2015

Manifesto for Change - Leicestershire

3 February 2015

On Tuesday 3 February three Unite Branches the EM/LE48 Leicestershire Central, EM/LE50 Leicestershire Southern and the EM/LE19 Leicester GPM,
discussed the need for change and supported the TULO Campaign.  Again, to get yours click here and send your pictures to

MfC Leicestershire Feb 2015

Manifesto for Change - East Midlands Regional Committee

29 January 2015

The East Midlands Regional Committee Delegates sign up to TULO Campaign Manifesto for Change.  To download yours click here and send your pictures to

Maxine Cuthbert MfCMfC Montage


Ed Miliband's Successful Visit to DHL - Worksop

8 January 2015

Ed Miliband was welcomed today by Unite Members to DHL B&Q Worksop.  Ed was hosted by Unite member and MP for Worksop John Mann.

Ed answered questions from members for over an hour ranging from issues such as school holidays, immigration, minimum wage, nursery care, taxation and training.

Ed then went on to meet the Regional Secretary of the East Midlands, Annmarie Kilcline along with DHL Reps where a discussion was held regarding the contrast between DHL Worksop which is Unite organised with low agency numbers, low turnover of staff, decent pay, decent hours, no zero hours and other depots like Sportsdirect where zero hours, unsecure employment and the majority of staff are agency.  

If you think it would be useful to have an MP or PPC visit your workplace let us know.


Ed Miliband DHL 2 080115Ed Miliband DHL 4 080115