Legal & Affiliated Services - Testimonials

As a result of prize draws that you can find in some of the newsletters, many of our members have sent in details of their experiences using our Legal & Affiliated Services as part of their Unite Membership.

Try them for yourself!!!

If you have anything to add to these testimonials please send them to Nikki MacDonald

2018 Prize Winners 

"In response to the prize draw, earlier in the year my chemist dispensed incorrect medication to me in error.  I didn’t notice at the time and had been taking for several weeks when symptoms started to occur.  I contacted Unite and was transferred to a specialist in medical negligence from Thompsons who has just obtained me £1200 in compensation.  As I am a Unite member I get the full amount of the settlement."
Rachel Wilkinson – EON
"I used the Unite Union Free Will service to update my preferences so my children, grandchildren and other loved ones don’t have to worry about it.  Very easy to do and staff were helpful and quick turning the request around.  It was worth joining the Union just for that, let alone the security of knowing I will have someone to fight my corner should I ever need them."
Sue Knight – Siemens

2015 Prize Winners Winner 100915

"I used the Will writing service provided through Unite approximately 18 months ago in order to ensure that my wishes regarding my estate, were followed in the event of my death. Because I am unmarried but in a long term relationship, I wanted to make sure that my property was given to my partner. I made an enquiry, and was quickly sent a form to fill out regarding my assets. I returned the form and was quickly sent a draft will which needed no amendments, and instructions on what to do next. All this was free of charge!"

Ruth Cornock, University of Nottingham 

Runner Up 100915

"I used the financial service (I think it was Lighthouse but can’t be sure) about a year ago regarding a complex inheritance tax issue with my Mother's property.

I was really impressed.  Despite my ignorant questions, the chap on the phone completely understood the issue and gave easy and clear advice on what to do.  All for free!"

Ian Bestwick, Rolls Royce

Other testimonials

Unite Credit Union

"I did a loan through the credit union and to be honest they were fantastic. The paper work was very easy to fill in, they had made a decision within a couple of days and the following week my loan had been paid into my account no problem. I have also had to call them a few times and every time I had a great deal of pleasure from them in sorting my problems out.  If I had to score them it would be 10/10 a really good team there :) "

Member - Arriva Midlands

Unite Prepaid Card

"Hi I have registered a Unite Debit card and use this for the majority of my weekly shopping in various establishments.  I load each month with a personal budget amount and aim to manage my spending using the card.  The advantage of using the card is that I know it is separate from my main bank account and feel safe using the card online or anywhere knowing that my bank account details are not at risk.  

The other great advantage is the cash back offered on the majority of establishments I frequent.  Anything from 1 – 6% on my spending is a huge bonus, and just because I use the card rather than cash or my main bank debit card.  Online access to my balance on the card is easy and all transactions and the cash back awarded is clearly visible.  My wife has a partner card.  This is a great service that I recommend to anyone."

Member - Rolls Royce

Unite Home Insurance 
"I took out house insurance with UIA quite a while ago now. Great cover, competitive quote and best of all no price increase in the last 2 years"
Member - Rolls Royce 

"Here is a photo of me with my UIA bears (right).Adrian Cowley UIA  I have won them off the UIA stand over a few years at conferences and picking up leaflets and information that I can pass on to my branch members.  I was very happy with the UIA employees that I have talked to at the time and my members have found the information / leaflets I have given to them very useful."

Adrian Cowley - Federal Mogul

"I work for EON and I have used a lot of Unite's affiliated companies.  I love the discounts that you get and find the Unite website so easy to use.

I got my home insurance through Unite and it was fantastic, also what I loved was I got £50 love2shop vouchers as well as a discounted price. I tell all my friends and colleagues of how good it is and try to get them to sign up as it can save you loads. Was so easy to sign up through the site to get a quote."
Member – EON

Unite Travel Insurance 

Have used the travel Insurance and claimed on it, very good service
Rep – Neovia

Legal Services 

"I used Unite legal services at a time when I felt I could not afford to use a solicitor.
I was heading for a very messy divorce and the advice I received from a solicitor was reassuring, timely and free!  
I have recommended it many times to my colleagues."
Member - Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services

"I used Thompsons for advice when I was facing a potential dispute with my neighbour concerning an extension. I saw a local solicitor in 3 days for 1 hour with no charge and they steered me completely in the right direction. I was more than pleased with their time and advice."
Rep – Rolls Royce

"I used the Free Will Service once I had been a Union Member for over 6 months.  The service provided to me by the nominated Legal Advisor was excellent; turnaround was quick too once my request was acknowledged by the provider and processed.  On reading the first draft there were a few minor changes required but these were dealt with promptly.  On the whole, I was very satisfied with the process and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. 

I have peace of mind now knowing that my family will not have to contend with the drama and stress of having to go through the expensive and tedious process of Probate when I die; well there is no if is there, because it happens to everyone eventually.  I have experience of dealing with the devastating grief & loss of my son-in-law who was only 23 yrs. old when he died as a result of a car accident.  Having to complete all the Probate forms on behalf of my 22 yr. old daughter was dreadful and doing so when grieving was extremely difficult.  I would therefore encourage every Unite Member who does not have a Will in place, however old they are, to use this free service immediately."

Member - Siemens

"I have always rated Thompson’s Solicitors highly and in many years as Branch Secretary I would never hesitate to call on their services for Work related or personal issues for my members. Their fact service update is a must read.

Recently I attended a pre-retirement course and we had a presentation from a local solicitor which emphasised the importance of writing a will and also making out a power of attorney for health related and finance related issues in old age. The important point being to do it while you still have mental faculties unimpaired.

We were spellbound and everyone said afterwards ‘I’m going to the solicitors tomorrow to make a will etc’

I said ‘ I belong to Unite,  Thompsons solicitors provide a FREE WILL SERVICE for union members,  and I am going to check their price for the power of attorney before I make a decision’.  Two people said ‘What a good idea, I’ll check with my union’ – they were bus drivers who were also in Unite.  When  I looked up the price it was hundreds of pounds cheaper!

How can anyone NOT afford to be in Unite?"

Member - University of Nottingham

Member Get Member

"I have used the introduce a new member to Unite offer to boost our Branch EM/NG01 funds to over £1500 and still actively recruiting, so this figure will be increasing monthly.

This is not done for self-gain, it is all audited and returned to our members through donations, e.g. charity requests, hardship payments, members raffles and office equipment etc.  

When this initiative was first introduced it was of little use to our branch, as you had to join online and pay by direct debit which created problems (wrong bank details/missed payments and closed account etc) our preferred method of membership was and is check-off and I believe this to be best to retain membership.

With the introduce a new member scheme now allowing us to use the Unite application form process, this will allow us to benefit from this fantastic offer and would endorse to all other Unite Branches."

Member - DHL 

Financial Advice

"Along with a house purchase, Pensions are the biggest investments people will make in their lives.

Lighthouse Financial Advice Limited is a very experienced group, who can offer Pension and other financial advice, for free, to union members. I have made use of their services and so should everyone else who wants good Pension or financial advice."

Member - Rolls Royce

"We had  a Lighthouse Representative visit us who was very friendly and appeared to give good advice over our family finances. He produced a report summarising the estate's current value which has been useful to us. The service was fairly pricey compared to the value of the estate but I think it is probably in line with other similar companies and at least the fees were not hidden in the costs of investments etc."

Member - Rolls Royce

"I have had advice from the financial advisors when I went to a meeting at Rolls Royce and very good it was too"

Member - Rolls Royce

"The response from the tax refund service was good and prompt and t he feedback from the members on lighthouse is good otherwise we wouldn’t keep inviting them back for more sessions."

Member - Rolls Royce

General Feedback

"I joined with Unite in 2011 in Hertfordshire, since then my life changed based on the information I received, as a migrant I hardly get equal rights! as a result I lost hope in the UK democracy until I joint Unite. They provided me all sort of guidance and directed me every step which I struggled in my life. The life long learning plan and the practical action set my path free, and I am now confident enough to encounter anyone block my way with half truth or any ulterior motives.  

In fact Unite and their staff, changed my narrative and the way I look at group of people or organisation. They are friendly enough to share my opinion openly toward the issues without being politically correct. I feel value being a member of who really helping for the poor and the condemned in society, and stand against the big forces. I introduced Unite to many people and I will continue to do so!!   Thank you"

Community Member