2018 Events

Derbyshire County Council - 31 May 2018

This was the first recruitment event in this area (young adults) and I went to assist our new Rep Terence Williams.  It was a great day and there was a lot of interest from members and potential new members alike.  It is hoped we can arrange more of these in future so everyone can get to know who their Rep is in the area.

DCC 310518

Gad Khalsa Sports - Presentation Night 12 May

This was an event that myself and previous Branch Secretary Ian Hawley were invited to as the winning team for the U-15s had a kit sponsored by the Branch.  The proposal was put forward by the Branch Chair at the time, Ian Mosley.  It was a fantastic evening and there was plenty of photo opportunities for Unite.

There were leaflets advertising our legal and affiliated services on every table - of which there were around 100!  We even met a few Unite members.  Hopefully as a result, Unite will be better known to the leagues and the come to union for anyone who wishes to join.  I even spoke to a few of the young footballers who asked what leaflets were.  

Well done to the Branch and of course the team.

GK Sports 120518cGK Sports 120518bGK Sports 120518a

GK Sports 120518fGK Sports 120518eGK Sports 120518d 

British Gypsum - 2 May 

I attended site along with the Officer Scott Lennon and most of the Reps Committee.  It was good to meet members here as they were not aware of their benefits, having not had a recruitment day for some time.  It was also a newly formed committee so it was a great opportunity to meet them to and talk through how Unite helps its members.

British Gypsum 020518British Gypsum 020518a

Jobwise, Careers Event with Leicester College - 25 April

This event, attended by myself, Lee Wilson - Organiser and Neil Vernon - Union Learning, was a good opportunity to speak to students about their rights in the workplace.  There were many employers in attendance and lots of apprenticeship opportunities for young people which was the ideal time to introduce ourselves!  The latest Apprenticeship Facts leaflet was available which we gave to nearly everyone we spoke to.  If you want to know more about rights as an apprentice, click here.

Leicester College 250418Leicester College 250418a

Nottingham Community Housing Association, Staff AGM - 24 April 

It was important that Unite had a presence at this event as it is multi-union.  I spoke to many existing members about the latest benefits and potential new members too.  The sessions themselves were interesting with employee awards and guest speaker, Polly Toynbee.

NCHA 240418NCHA 240418a

Orchard House Foods, Corby - 18 April

I attended one of the Orchard House Foods sites with the Regional Officer, Sally Mortimer.  There has been a 'tour' of all the sites in the area to try and increase membership as well as recruit new Reps.  It was a useful day for existing members as well as potential ones due to the fact that no recruitment events have been held for some time. We will be concluding the 'tour' w/c 30 April.

Orchard House Foods 180418

Sports Direct, Member Engagement - 11 April

I attended this event along with the Officer, Scott Lennon, our Community Coordinator Shaun Pender, Michelle Abbots from our Union Learning Team, and Representatives from Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centre.  Based in the Adult Education Centre in Shirebrook, this was an ideal opportunity to talk to members and non-members alike.  Unite promotes its ESOL classes as well as general Unite benefits, following Unite's campaign over the precarious working conditions at Sports Direct.  There are a few more sessions arranged and it is hoped that a benefits day can be arranged at Sports Direct itself soon.  For more information on the campaign click here.

Sports Direct 110418

Forbo Flooring - 4 April

Myself and the Officer, Trevor Sterrett, attended this company to promote all legal and affiliated services to our members.  Assisted by our Rep, we spoke to many members who were not aware of their entitlements.   It was a very useful day for all, followed by a factory tour!  It is hoped this can be repeated later this year.

Forbo 040418

Bakkavor Pizza, Spalding - 3 April

We promoted the Free Will Service as part of this benefits day, as well as the Branch carrying out a draw for members to win some great prizes.  There was a lot of interest and the Branch did the same the next day.  For more information on Unite Legal Services, you can visit the site here.

Bakkavor 030418

EM/LE11 Branch, Donaldson Fibration Ltd - March

The photo below shows members of this Branch handing a branch sponsored defibrillator to the management of this company.  A great idea from the Branch.  From left to right: John Mearns - Plant Manager, Stuart Bullock - Director of Manufacturing Europe. Lee Cank - Union Rep, Kev Sleight - Union Rep, Graeme Goode - Branch Secretary, Mark Frearson - Health and Safety Manager. 

EM-LE11 Branch

Alliance Healthcare, Hinckley - 26 March

Myself and the Regional Officer, Mick Orpin, attended this company to raise awareness of Unite membership, assisted by one of our Reps.  The site has not had this sort of event for a while so we spoke to lots of people who were already members, as well as potential new members.  There were also a number of Drivers there.  It was a good day overall and it is hoped we can visit again soon to build up our profile on site.

Alliance Healthcare 260318

Centrebus, Leicester - 16 March

Myself and Clockwise Credit Union attended Centrebus in Leicester as a joint event to encourage members to save through their wages and also find out more about their Unite benefits.  We were supported by our Senior Rep.  It was a really successful day and we hope to visit the other Centrebus depots soon.

Centrebus 160318

HSBC, Leicester - 21 February 

Myself and the local/national Reps attended this site for the day to promote the Union.  It had been well advertised which meant we had alot of enquiries.  It was very positive.  It is hoped that we will be able to do this again in a few months' time.

HSBC 210218

Stagecoach, Skegness - 16 February

I attended this depot along with the Reps and Regional Officer, Scott Lennon.  It was a very productive day and gave members an insight into the full scale of their benefits, especially Driver Care.  Also a popular benefit on the day was the £5000 Free Accidental Death Cover which is available to all members.  You can find more information and apply online for it here.

Stagecoach 160218

University of Derby - 8 February

Myself, Shaun Pender - Community Organiser and Neil Vernon - Union Learning Organiser attended the University of Derby again to try and speak to students, members and non-members alike.  We were situated outside the Careers & Employability Hub.  There are many groups at the university including full time students, mature students and employees who are based at the university itself.  It is hoped that we can arrange more sessions throughout the year to raise the profile of Unite.  

University of Derby 080218aUniversity of Derby 080218

Leicester City Council, Time to Change Event - 5 February

I attended this employee event along with our Reps.  It focused on mental health and educating people about what it is to deal with a mental health problem and to be more understanding of others, especially in the workplace.   It was also a good opportunity to speak to members and non-members who were interested in the legal and affiliated benefits Unite has to offer.

Mental health in the workplace was the main topic of our 2017 Health & Safety Conference.  You can click here for more resources for your workplace.  Alternatively, click on the logo below to visit the Time to Change website.

Leicester City Council 050218Time to Change

Nottinghamshire Health Service Branch - Public Meeting 1 February

This was a public meeting organised by one of our NHS Branches in the Region, entitled 'NHS Privatisation - a bitter pill to swallow for Notts'.  It was very well attended by members and non-members, as well as Branch Reps and the Regional Officer, Garry Guye.

Government’s proposals to test new and possibly illegal privatisation plans in Nottinghamshire were explained at the meeting.  Speaking to a capacity and determined audience at The Mechanics, Nottingham, Dr Colin Hutchinson explained the new management Accountable Care Organisations (ACO), for contracting out NHS and social care delivery. ACOs have evolved from Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) whose aim is to integrate health and social service delivery in a single package. Alarmingly, commercial organisations will be allowed to tender to become ACOs.

For more information you can access the Branch website here

Notts NHS 010218aNotts NHS 010218

EM/DE56 - Branch sponsored football kit launched on 27 January

The former Branch Chair, Ian Mosley, is one of the coaches of this team who proposed the Branch support the new kit.  The senior coach Gad Khalsagirls is also a Unite member from Rolls Royce.  The team have only got to win one game to win the league and they have four games in hand!

Pictures thanks to Branch Secretary, Ian Hawley

DE56 Branch Football Kit 270118DE56 Branch Football Kit 270118a

Trelleborg - 11 January

I attended this site to cover all day shifts whilst our Senior Rep assisted as well as carrying out a ballot.  It was an ideal time to speak to members and non-members alike, including agency staff.  Many people were not aware of some of their benefits, especially our latest one which is the NHS Dental Plan!  If you would like more information on the latest discounts on offer please click here.  Legal Services can be found on our dedicated website here.

Trelleborg 110118