2017 Events

University of Derby - 2 November 

Myself and Neil Vernon - Union Learning attended the university to see how we could engage with students and staff alike.  It was a really interesting day and we were situated outside the Careers and Learning Hub which was perfect.  We are going to visit again in the new year along with our Community Coordinator to try and build a presence there.

Uni of Derby 021117Uni of Derby 021117aUni of Derby 021117b

DAST Asbestos Outreach Event - 9 October

This event was organised by Derbyshire Asbestos Support Group (DAST) as a drop-in for anyone that wanted to come and speak about asbestos related queries.  Whether people had been affected by it having lost a loved one, or thought they had had exposure, this was the place to visit.  Not only was I there with some of our experienced Reps to represent Unite, two of our panel firms were in attendance - Thompsons and OH Parsons.  Unite Legal Services assist members with this sort of claim to try and ensure the best care for them and their families.  For more information click here.

To read more about DAST you can visit their website here.

DAST Outreach 091017DAST Outreach3 091017DAST Outreach4 091017

Nottingham City Homes, Staff Briefings - 4 October

Myself, Neil Vernon - Union Learning, and Regional Officer, Shaun Lee assisted our Reps for one of their staff briefing days.  This was a good day with many opportunities for our members to come and chat about their benefits.  This site is a mixture of previous UCATT members as well as Unite so it was good to be in attendance together.

NCH 041017NCH2 041017

University of Northampton, Freshers - 26 September

This event was very good and it was lovely to talk to new students about their courses.  Shaun Pender, Community Coordinator, and members of the new Northampton Community Branch assisted on the stall and informed many students about what Unite could do for them, especially in terms of campaigns surrounding tuition fees and student accommodation.  For more information about community membership please click here.NU Freshers 260917NU Freshers3 260917NU Freshers2 260917

Derby Homes, Staff Briefings - 13 September

Following the successful presentations in June to Derby Homes employees, we were invited back to have a stand at this event.  Many employees remembered Unite from the June briefings and took various information away with them, including details of Unite's newest benefit, the NHS Dental Plan. For more information click here.

It was a great opportunity for members to meet one of their Reps, along with Regional Officer Andy Johnston. It is hoped that Unite can attend similar events like this in the future.

Derby Homes 130917Derby Homes2 130917

Woodheads, Bolsover Model Village - 6 September

Myself, RCO Shaun Lee and Neil Vernon - Union Learning, attended this company with the hope of increasing current Unite membership by promoting all aspects of membership along with Unite's learning opportunities.  It is a really unusual site as there is also a community centre, where we are promoting Community membership along with Union Learning.

It is hoped membership will grow in both areas if Unite's profile is raised.  Unite will hopefully be attending site again several times before the end of the year.

Woodheads 060917

Convoy in the Park, Donington Park - 22/23 July

Participation in this event was organised by the NN48 Transport Branch.  Convoy in the Park is a truckfest style event so there were lots of visitors, including many drivers that we could talk to.  We spoke about Driver Care most of the time which is one of the best benefits drivers can have in addition to their basic membership.  Click here for more information.

We also had the opportunity to speak to many other potential members and even came across existing members who said hello and got more information on their membership benefits!  It was a great weekend and thanks go to all who helped out.

Convoy in the Park2 220717Convoy in the Park 220717

Nottingham City Homes, Apprentice Case Study - 20 July

With more and more people entering into Apprenticeships, of any age, and the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, we managed to gain access to three of our Apprentice members at this company.

They were fantastic and gave a real insight into their experiences of being an Apprentice, as well as their use of Unite membership so far.  Thanks go out to all who organised it and of course to our Apprentice members!

To find out more about what your rights as an Apprentice are click here.

NCH Apprentices 200717

HSBC, Leicester - 4 July

The national Reps from HSBC invited me and the Regional Officer Rose Mooney to this event to try and raise awareness of Unite and promote the benefits.  This will hopefully assist in building up the Branch and is part of a national site 'tour'.

It is hoped that another event will be set up in the next few months to keep momentum.  Thank you to all who attended.

HSBC 040717

Leicester College, Construct a Career/Skill Build - 27 June

Myself and Neil Vernon, Union Learning, attended this event with the aim of talking to potential young members and Apprentices.  Many of the students were hard at work taking part in the competition so it was difficult to try and catch everyone.  We spoke to staff members at the college about Unite and were able to display our new Apprenticeship membership leaflets around the college.  Neil will be returning to talk to students about employment rights when they secure a job, which was a great result!

Leicester College2 270617Leicester College 270617

Barclaycard, Northampton - 20 June

I attended site on this day accompanied by most of the Reps.  It was a massive success and we spoke to over 100 members and non-members alike. We ran a free member raffle where Branch-sponsored gift vouchers were given as the prize.  Many prospective members took information on the day as well as existing members speaking to us about their membership benefits.  Well done to all involved!

Barclaycard 200617

Derby Homes Staff Briefings - 8 June

This was a fantastic opportunity in that not only did we have a Unite stand, but during each of the three presentations, we had a 15 minute slot to talk about Unite membership.  There were non-members, existing Unite members and members that had previously been part of UCATT.  The main points were Driver Care and our Enhanced membership categories, which people were very interested in.  Driver Care being the membership add on for those who drive as part of their day to day job (not just PCV or HGV Drivers), and Enhanced containing many financial benefits.  Upgrading to Enhanced membership is easy - you can get more information by contacting your local office or Region on 01332 548400.  

After each presentation I spoke to lots of people about various issues and overall it was a productive day.  Unite was prominent throughout the entire day along with Derby Mind, who also had a stand.

Derby Homes2 080617Derby Homes 080617

Sainsburys, Lincoln - 7 June

Myself and the Reps at this Sainsburys store had a stall in the canteen on this day and were able to chat to many members about their benefits.  The Unite Prepaid Visa card went down well in particular, as 3% cashback can be earned by Shopping at Sainsburys!  This is just one of the places you can earn cashback.  For more information on how to get one of these, check out the details here.

Sainsburys Lincoln

Western Power, Leicester - 22 May 

As part of the organising strategy around the energy sector, I attended site along with our Rep. This was extremely useful - most members we spoke to had no idea of the extent of their membership benefits so we were able to help nearly everybody! A very productive day and I even got to showcase a new recruitment banner. If you wanted to order anything like this or other merchandise through your Branch then click here for details.

Western Power 220517

GIST, Spalding - 5 April 

Amongst other recent company visits, GIST was a useful recruitment day to raise awareness of Unite the Union on site.  We updated the company noticeboard as well as speak to drivers from other depots. Hopefully we will be able to arrange another event to speak to more employees.

Gist 050417

EON, Trinity House Nottingham - 28 March 

Myself, the Organising team and the Reps at Trinity attended a recruitment event.  There was alot of interest and many potential members took membership packs with a view to joining.  It was a successful day, especially in terms of the amount of agency staff at this site.  Unite is the only union on site with recognition within Manpower, so this is a good point to note.  Well done to all involved!

EON 280317 EON 280317a

NHS in Nottinghamshire - March

NHS Recruitment Days continue, so far we have been to various hospitals with a view to growing the membership.

NHS 270317 NHS 270317a

Joint Geographical Branch Event, Derby - 23 March 2017

I decided to organise this event in order to raise awareness within the Branches where members do not have on site Reps or are individual members.  This was a joint event between the DE56 and DE58 Branches.  We had a great response and and it was good night overall.  Our members are also interested in getting more involved with their Branch now and had a chance to chat with their Branch Secretaries.

One of our newest affiliates, Unite the Union Discounts, presented a raffle prize, as well as there being presentations from Unite Legal Services and myself.  I hope to arrange more of the same throughout the Region.

Branch Event 230317 Branch Event 230317b Branch Event 230317a

Trent Barton, Sutton in Ashfield - Credit Union Recruitment - 23 March

Myself and Transave attended this site for the start of a number of scheduled events in order to sign members up to Transave Credit Union.  This is Trent Barton's payroll saving partner and also part of Unite's panel.  We generated a lot of interest and it was an ideal opportunity to educate members on their current Unite membership benefits.  

Trent Barton 230317a Trent Barton 230317

NHS Inductions, Nottinghamshire - February

So far Unite have attended several inductions around Nottinghamshire.  Further dates are planned throughout 2017 in order that we can recruit new starters into the union.  The main benefit aside from a collective voice and help at work is our Contingent Medical Malpractice cover which covers up to £5,000,000.  Click here for more information.  

NHS 020217 NHS 060317 NHS 060317

Nestle - 17 January

I attended site along with one of our Nestle Reps to run a stall in their canteen.  We spoke to many current members about benefits they weren't aware of including a number of prospective members who did not know the extent of their Unite membership.  There was also a group of non members who were not aware of our Low Pay Membership category, which can be a useful recruitment tool for those earning less than £16,000 per year.  For more information on this please click here.

Nestle 170117