2016 Events

DST Output, Christmas Fair - 9 December 2016
I attended this site along with our Reps as part of a Christmas Fair.  It was a really exciting day and we got to speak to many workers.  The day was very productive in that our members knew their Reps and saw the benefits of their Unite membership.    
Our Reps also ran a competition as part of the Fair where they got everyone to guess how many 5ps were in the jar - closest three won a bottle of wine.  They raised nearly £50 for charity.  Well done to all involved!
DST 091216a DST 091216b
IPSL, Northampton - 1 December 2016 
I attended this company again following a successful recruitment day earlier in the year.  This time, myself and our Reps were assisted by our newest panel Credit Union, Commsave.  This went down very well and we got alot of members in the Christmas spirit by explaining the money-saving benefits of Unite membership and the shopping vouchers that members can get via Member Get Member.  

This was a really enjoyable day and we worked very hard to ensure the word was out there, especially for the Credit Union Service.
Cummins 151116
Cummins, Daventry - 15 November 2016
I attended this company along with the Senior Rep and our Regional Officer, Mick Orpin.  We spoke to many members and non-members - many people did not know what their benefits were! 
It was a very useful day and we felt very positive that the word would be spread to others.  The most popular enquiries were for the Vauxhall discount and the overall Legal Services package Unite offers its members.  
I also spoke to one member who had recently used the Financial Misselling service and claimed back a few hundred pounds! 

NG32 - NHS Branch, Public Meeting - 9 November 2016

This is an annual meeting held by the Branch, the focus this year was 'cuts, cuts, cuts'.  

Chaired by Regional Officer Garry Guye, there were other speakers including Ros Godson from the Health Sector.  I attended to represent Legal & Affiliated Services.  It was a well attended event and I was able to chat to members about the various benefits including our new offers such as the Prepaid Funeral Plan, Cash Plan and Unite the Union Discounts!


Keuhne & Nagel - Nespresso, Wellingborough and Nottingham City Homes - 11 & 12 October 2016

This was my second visit to Wellingborough and myself and the Rep spoke to many members and even Contractors who were under the assumption they could not join the Union. It was a busy day where we covered around 3/4 shift changes. 
The next day I visited Day 2 of a Staff Conference held by Nottingham City Homes. This is held every year and all the Unions attend to speak to any non members. The Reps reported that the first day had been very productive, however on Day 2 there were a lot of existing members.  We made sure they had all the latest information relating to their membership including all the things that had been added to the package since they joined!  It was great to talk to members and non members alike especially about the new products such as the Prepaid Funeral Plan and the change to the Free Accidental Death Cover - click here for information.

  KN 111016NCH 121016
Greencore, Spalding - 21 September 2016

Myself, along with the Regional Officer Steve Syson, Unite Reps and John Duffy from Lighthouse, attended this site for a day and set up in the canteen.  There was a lot of interest - we spoke to around 60 people, a mixture of members and non-members.  Several members also booked appointments for financial advice.

This was a good opportunity for members to see what their membership gives them and also to put faces to names.  Lighthouse is mentioned in several leaflets but it always goes down well when our affiliates can attend recruitment events like this.  Hopefully we can organise another one there soon.  As you can see below, we also had the chance to update the noticeboard!

Greencore 1 210916Greencore 2 210916aGreencore 3 210916bGreencore 4 210916

August Newsletter Competition Winner   

Amanda Lofley Winner 150916

This month's competition was sponsored by Unite Protect and the prize was a 'wellbeing' hamper containing lots of relaxing treats.

The question was 'what amount is the accidental death cover for?' - the answer was £5000 of course.  

The winner was Amanda Lofley, one of our Reps from Rolls Royce (pictured). Well done Amanda!  Keep your eye out for future competitions either at events or future newsletters.This is a free insurance and is available to all members between the age of 18-69.  For more information click here.  You can also access their other products such as Female Cancer Cover, featured below.

 Female Cancer Cover

IPSL, Northampton - 9 September 2016

Myself and the Regional Officer, Trevor Sterrett, assisted the Reps with a Recruitment event.  We had a great location in the main foyer of the building and not only did we get the chance to talk to new members, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase Unite's newest panel credit union - Commsave.

As IPSL as a company is part of Commsave's 'common bond' it means that members can open a savings account or take out a loan with them. Credit Unions are an alternative to (and often cheaper than) a bank or payday lender so it may be something you wish to consider. They are based on where you work or where you live so to enquire which one is for you, please click here.

IPSL 090916 3IPSL 090916 2IPSL 090916IPSL 090916 4

TNT, Northampton - 3 August 2016TNT 030816

Myself and the Officer, Sean Kettle, visited the site and set up in the break out area and were assisted by one of our Reps. A notice had been displayed advertising the event and we managed to talk to several members and non members about their benefits, including retention when someone is a member but moves to a different employer.

All in all this was beneficial for the site and showed that Unite does have a presence in that workplace. Thank you to everyone that helped to organise it.

EON - Phoenix Park, Nottingham - 26 July 2016 

As you can see from the pictures below, the Reps had put on a great stand in their canteen. The room was buzzing and the employees had the chance to meet their Reps and simply see the presence Unite has in that workplace.

EON 1 260716EON 2 260716

Keuhne & Nagel - Nespresso, Wellingborough

Myself, the Officer and Reps attended this site on 5 July to cover several shift changes. It was a good opportunity to speak to members and non-members about their membership benefits. Members also got to have a proper chat to their Reps which they had not had chance to do previously.

K+N 1 050716K+N 2 050716

EON 270616


EON - Trinity House, Nottingham - 27 June 2016 

The Reps did a fantastic job and the display looked very impressive - you couldn't miss the Unite logo.  The Reps at Trinity invited me to assist them in a Recruitment Event. We spoke to many non-members who joined Unite there and then!  It was a great opportunity for members and prospective members alike to find out more about the assistance we offer, especially in terms of the non work-related benefits.  


White Company - 25 May 2016  

Myself and the Reps had a stall in the canteen where many staff, including those who were not directly employed by the White Company,made enquiries as to their Union Membership benefits. It was a good opportunity for members to meet their Reps outside of the shopfloor and raise any ongoing issues too. It was a productive day!

White Company1White Company3

First Bus 190516

First Bus, Leicester - Learning Week w/c 16 May 2016

The Reps at First Bus Leicester organised a week with various highlights, including IT Skills Assessments with the Union Learning Team, Diabetes Awareness and myself on behalf of Unite. There was also a stall from Unite Insurance.  

I attended on the Thursday and spoke to a lot of members who did not realise the extent of their benefits. There were new Drivers as well as some existing members who required more information on Unite Driver Care.  T Skills Assessments with the Union Learning Team, Diabetes Awareness and myself on behalf of Unite. There was also a stall from Unite Insurance.  

It was a fun day, the Reps were busy talking to members and the canteen was buzzing all the time which was nice to see.

Sapa Profiles - 12 May 2016

I attended the Tibshelf site on 12 May 2016 for a brief benefits event which was very positive. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate to our members what their benefits were. We also updated some of the noticeboards on site as well as provide our Reps with plenty of material to keep them going!

Sapa 120516Sapa2 120516

XPO Logistics Recruitment Day - 31 March 2016 

Myself and Regional Officer Sean Kettle attended XPO in Crick for the day to try and recruit more members as well as tell all Drivers about the imminent launch of the updated Driver Care scheme! It was a good day and we will be attending for the afternoon / evening shifts soon. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Unite's Driver Care Scheme if you are a professional driver (HGV/PCV/LGV) or drive regularly for your job (not your commute), then please visit the website for more information. 


2016... so far

From a recruitment day at The White Company, Jobs Fair for Leaderflush Shapland members, to the Derbyshire NHS Trust, this year's L&A Events are going strong! We are getting the word out about membership benefits, whether it be for recruitment, retention or simply raising awareness of what they are and how members can get the most out of their membership. Remember if you require assistance in your workplace please drop me a line at 

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