2015 Events

Bakkavor Holbeach Recruitment Days 24 & 25 November 2015 

Myself and Senior Rep Neil Johnson along with other Reps held two Recruitment Days recently which were successful. Not only were we encouraging members to recruit their colleagues and promoting the Member Gets Member scheme but we were all on hand to advise on the other benefits Unite offers and answer any other queries members and non-members had.  

The feedback from both days was positive and we hope to hold a Health & Safety Day early in 2016!

Bakkavor 241115a Bakkavor 241115

Barclaycard Recruitment Day - 17 November 2015

Barclaycard 171115Myself along with Regional Officer Sally Mortimer, attended a Recruitment Day at Barclaycard in Northampton on 17 November. Organised by our brilliant Reps, UIB, Vision Express and Lighthouse Financial Services also supported which was a great success.

A free raffle was on offer to all members where they could win £100 Love2Shop gift vouchers.  New members were recruited as well as existing members gaining additional knowledge on what their membership covers!  It was very useful for all involved. 

If you would like to arrange a recruitment day like this at your workplace, please send me an email and hopefully something can be arranged.

RC Dev Day 271015

Regional Committee Development Day - 27 October 2015

Part of my role as RLAC is presenting to our Reps the membership benefits and demonstrating what members get for their monthly membership subscriptions.  I attend Reps' Training Courses regularly to get the message out.  

We organised a Development Day on 27 October for our brand new Regional Committee where some of our affiliates attended to give a more in-depth look at some of the benefits Unite offers. 

From the feedback on the day and on the forms submitted so far, everyone seemed to find this useful and hopefully will now be in a better position to signpost members to their benefits. 

CIPP Event - 8 October 2015 

Some of the RLACs from around the UK attended this event in Newport on 8 October in order to gain some more knowledge on Credit Unions and how they operate in the workplace.  

This was a brilliant day and very informative, giving us the tools and background information to be able to talk to employers and persuade them to implement payroll saving. It is also extremely important that employees have a facility whereby they can borrow money more responsibly without going to nasty pay day lenders which can severely damage your credit rating.  

All Unite members have access to the Credit Union facility already but not many employers actually do it via payroll.  If you think this would be something that your workplace could benefit from, please let me know.  

CIPP Event 081015 Unite Credit UnionCIPP Event2 081015

RIS Conferences - September 2015  

RIS Conferences begun in the Region on 7 September 2015 and continued throughout the month, taking place at the Regional Office in Derby. 

Legal Packs were prepared for some 500 expected Activists containing useful information on our Legal & Affiliated Services. Nikki MacDonald and Kevin Hepworth attended each Conference to give an overview of the Union's working / non-working membership benefits and along with a personal thank you from our Regional Secretary Annmarie Kilcline, this was a useful exercise. Activists were also given a tour of Unite's new Legal Services Website which contains numerous resources for Reps to use during their Union Activities. 

Some of our Affiliates visited at various times, topping up materials and making themselves available to speak to Reps which again, was very useful.

EM RIS Conferences 2015

RIS Conference1

RIS Conference2

Leicester Pride - 5 September 2015 

NM Leics Pride 050915

Nikki MacDonald, RLAC and Maureen Scott-Douglas, Equalities Officer attended Leicester Pride on 5 September 2015 to represent both LGBT members and the Legal & Affiliated Services Unite offers.

Assisted by Adam Umney, Regional Committee and Melinda Phillips, Regional Officer, it was a successful day, the weather was pleasant and we made sure the word was spread far and wide!

MSD NM Leicester Pride 050915

NM AU Leics Pride 050915